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quarta-feira, 9 de novembro de 2011

Student tuition fees protest: live

Live coverage of the student protests that are occuring throughout London on Nov 9 amid fears anarchists will turn the demonstrations into a “sea of rage”.

A demonstrator taking part in an electricians' protest over payment rates that moved en masse off the pavement and blocked up traffic on the street reacts as he is confronted by police officers in London, Wednesday, Nov. 9, 2011.  (AP Photo/Matt Dunham
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Demonstrators taking part in an electricians' protest over payment rates clash with police in London Photo: AP Photo/Matt Dunham
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• Thousands expected to demonstrate on streets of London
• Protests over student tuition fees with 4,000 police officers on patrol
• Largest police presence deployed in Britain since summer’s riots
• Fears anarchists will turn student protest into “sea of rage”


10.15 Here is one of the first pictures, posted on Twitter of the "sparks workers' demo" (via Ali Osman @immorali)
10.10 The large-scale student demonstration through the heart of central London on Wednesday will again place authorities under pressure following several violent incidents in the capital over the past year.
Police were heavily criticised after last year’s fees protest that was marred by violence as major capital landmarks were vandalised or destroyed and a royal convey attacked. For the latest protest, officer numbers will be higher than usual following trouble at previous demonstrations. Scotland Yard will have firearms officers on standby to use plastic bullets against protesters should it turn violent. There have been at least four major incidents where violence has flared on the capital's streets over the past year.
Scotland Yard says it is ready for the protests today after the summer's riots (Picture: GETTY IMAGES)
10.05 There are reports that police tried to stop the "Sparks" (electrians) march outside 110 Cannon Street earlier.
10.00 Police have sent out a letter to activists warning against "criminal or anti-social behaviour" during the demonstration (via rj_gallagher)
The Guardian has got more details:
Police have sent hundreds of letters to anti-cuts activists warning them of the consequences of attending a 10,000-strong student demonstration in central London on Wednesday. The letters have been sent to anyone arrested in connection with previous public disorder offences even if they were later cleared or charges were dropped. Police have admitted the names and addresses come from a database of those arrested during anti-austerity protests. They include protesters aged 17.
09.58 Tony Smith, a BBC video journalist, posts on Twitter the following:
Twitter #nov9 #N9 And to make things more confusing 800 black cabs staging critical mass style demo in Trafalgar Sq later. Certain gridlock.
09.55 With thousands expected to take to the streets here is a look at some of the groups involved in the large scale demonstration.
The National Campaign Against Fees and Cuts, led by Michael Chessum, is said to be the protest's "organiser".
Mr Chessum the group supports non-violent direct action. He accused police of making it "more likely that trouble will occur".
Quote This is the biggest peacetime betrayal of a generation in modern British history. The failure of the democratic process has led people to take it to extremes. Anything that does happen will be other people doing what other people do and not our responsibility.
leaders of the protest and police have both said they don't want a repeat of the summer's riots. Police are pictured here in Tottenham, north London, at the height of the riots (Picture: PA)
Other key supporters
The National Union of Students
Occupy LSX (London Stock Exchange):
UK Uncut:
Education Activist Network,
University and College Union
Unite union
The N9 Anarchist Bloc:
Socialist group Revolution:
Mervyn King Collective:
Taxi drivers will stage a demonstration in Trafalgar Square, while electricians are also set to march.
09.50 The largest single police presence to be deployed in Britain since this summer’s riots will be on the streets as anarchists threaten to turn the student protest into a “sea of rage”, reports Mark Hughes, our crime correspondent.
More than 4,000 police officers will be deployed in London as police aim to prevent a repeat of last year’s event when the Conservative Party headquarters in Millbank was attacked by protesters. Those scenes unfolded after the Metropolitan Police assigned just 225 officers to police a protest of thousands. The force was heavily criticised when officers were powerless to stop scenes of carnage. Scotland Yard will have twenty times the number of officers on duty as up to 10,000 protesters are expected to descend on London to voice anger over cuts to the education budget.
Thousands of police will on the streets of London to ensure there is no repeat of the summer's riots and violence that swept the capital (Picture: PA)
09.40 You can also email myself with any pictures, information or titbits: andrew.hough(AT)telegraph.co.uk or follow me on twitter @andrew_hough
09.35 The Telegraph will have reporters out and about throughout the capital.
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09.30 Welcome to the Telegraph's live coverage of the student protests that are occuring on Wednesday throughout London. For all the latest stories head to telegraph.co.uk/news
Protesters from OccupyLSX camping outside St Paul's Cathedral. Thousands are expected to protest later on Wednesday (Picture: AFP/ GETTY IMAGES)


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