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sábado, 12 de abril de 2008

Bathroom Bling The 50,000 shimmering stones encrusting Jemal Wright's throne aren't real diamonds

Bathroom Bling

The 50,000 shimmering stones encrusting Jemal Wright's throne aren't real diamonds -- but who cares? The toilet is forever. The artist's other bathroom fixtures include chrome-plated porcelain and crystalline patterns hand-laid on sinks or even urinals. About $75,000; Jemal Wright

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2 Person Toilet

Codependents' Commode

Environmentalism has never been so intimate as with the TwoDaLoo, billed as the world's first simultaneous-flush two-seater toilet. The side-by-siders can be emptied individually or in a single 2.6-gallon-saving flush. With a "privacy wall" and LCD television and iPod docking station add-ons, couples (and, perhaps, just good friends) will enjoy doing double duty for Planet Earth. About $1400;

The TwoDaLoo is one of those products that seems like it can’t possibly be real. It’s a two-person toilet that lets you and your partner sit facing each other while using the restroom simultaneously. Would anyone actually buy this? It’s doubtful but this is one of those products that’s been popping up on blogs again lately. For some reason, folks seem to think it’s a good idea to include this toilet in lists of things that you might want to get for Valentine’s Day.
The toilet was actually released back in 2007. It made a lot of headlines and did a good job of getting media attention. Nobody really wants to buy this thing but everyone is a little bit morbidly curious about just who would buy it. Shopping around to try to purchase it, you’ll find that there are very few details about where you can actually get it. One site vaguely says that it costs $1400 and you have to buy a minimum of 12 of them. Our imaginations are going wild trying to picture where you might need to use 24 toilet seats at once but the information on how to actually buy them isn’t very clear.
If you have the money to buy these things in bulk, you might as well go ahead and "upgrade" them as well. For more money, you can get built-in TV screens to help distract you while you’re on the toilet with others. Perhaps this type of thing would be great in busy households where a large number of people are sharing one bathroom? But then those people aren’t going to be able to afford this product, are they? Definitely something that ranks on the stupid list!

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