Not content with making his day in this fashion, Reynolds then signed a copy of the comic for the tiny fan and met with him and his father backstage afterwards.

Excuse the dirty AP watermark, but this is Reynolds and young Connor backstage:

What a dude.

The older comic fans also seemed pretty impressed with the first trailer that was shown during the panel.

The trailer starts off with a green glowing ball on the screen and a voice-over that says:

"Welcome inhabitants of sector 2814. The Guardians have chosen you as candidates for enlistment but before you can be recruited, you must be tested. The light you see before you is controlled by your will. Focus on the light. If you will it, it will be. Now, focus."

The ball throbs and expands and launches into a fast and furious few minutes of hard-core action - exactly what we'd expect from director Martin Campbell.

In fact, one of the most promising things about this flick is that it's directed by Campbell, he of Casino Royale fame. The action scenes in the trailer looked particularly powerful (and at this stage the trailer hasn't even been rendered in 3D).

"Martin likes his fighting up close and dirty", explains Reynolds. "As he himself says, it should be like a knife-fight in a phone booth".

Having said all that, the no-nonsense English director seems to be suitably enthralled by The Green Lantern concept, and has clearly put a lot of thought into the themes and emotion of the film, not just the bangs and whistles.

When asked what makes this movie different from the other (better recognised) super hero franchises out there, Campbell explained that The Green Lantern will have a special intergalactic element that we've not yet seen in a movie of this kind. "It will be part super hero movie, part space opera", he explained.

We'll have to wait until mid-next year in Australia to see whether Campbell's first foray into the superhero genre is a cracking success. But looking at the trailer today, we just may have something to get excited about.