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domingo, 16 de outubro de 2011

Ex-médico de Chávez diz que expectativa de vida dele é de 2 anos

O médico Salvador Navarrete, ex-integrante de uma equipe que cuidou da saúde de Hugo Chávez, afirmou à revista mexicana "Milenio" que o presidente venezuelano tem um tumor muito agressivo na pélvis, e sua expectativa de vida pode chegar a até dois anos.
"A informação que eu tenho da família é de que ele tem um sarcoma, um tumor de prognóstico muito ruim e estou quase certo de que essa é a realidade", disse o médico venezuelano.
Navarrete afirma que integrou a equipe de três médicos venezuelanos que cuidou da saúde de Chávez durante alguns anos no Palácio de Miraflores, antes que ele fosse diagnosticado com câncer e começasse a ser atendido por médicos cubanos.

Fernando Llano/Associated Press - 3.out.11
Chávez tem afirmado que seus últimos exames de sangue e tomografias "indicam que não há presença de células malignas"
Chávez afirma que seus últimos exames e tomografias "indicam que não há presença de células malignas"
"Quando digo que a previsão não é boa significa que a expectativa de vida pode ser de até dois anos. Isto explica a decisão de antecipar as eleições", disse Navarrete à revista.
Sobre a razão de Chávez ter decidido se tratar com médicos cubanos, Naverrete disse: "na Venezuela o presidente Chávez não confia em ninguém, só nos cubanos". De acordo com o médico, Chávez assumiu esta atitude depois do golpe de Estado contra ele.
Desde que revelou ter um câncer, em junho, a popularidade do presidente que esta há 13 anos no poder deu salto de dez pontos, alcançando cifra ao redor de 60%, de acordo com a maioria dos institutos de pesquisa.
Em setembro, Chávez anunciou que voltará a Cuba na segunda metade de outubro para se submeter a uma nova avaliação médica por conta do câncer diagnosticado em junho.
Segundo o mandatário, seus últimos exames de sangue e tomografias "indicam que não há presença de células malignas" em seu corpo e "que o tumor que estava alojado" já foi eliminado.


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Reynaldo Gianecchini será internado novamente na próxima semana

Reynaldo Gianecchini Foto: Divulgação

Reynaldo Gianecchini volta a se internar na próxima semana no Hospital Sírio Libanês, em São Paulo. O ator passará por novas sessões de quimioterapia. Já mais debilitado, Giane precisará ser acompanhado de perto pelos médicos. A serenidade com a qual o ator tem enfrentado a doença tem impressionado (e emocionado) as pessoas mais próximas de Gianecchini. E o galã não para de receber manifestações de carinho do público.


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Corruption Orlando Silva wins time after talking with Dilma

Rousseff never had a special fondness for Orlando Silva, but takes with him carefully he had met with other ministers on corruption chargesGabriel CastroThe Minister of Sports, Orlando Silva, difficult conversation with the President
Upon learning of the revelations of SEE on the minister Orlando Silva, Sports, President Rousseff called the subordinate. The conversation took place even on the night of Friday. The PT demanded explanations of Silva, who adopted a strategy to discredit whistleblowers. Dilma asked if the minister is confident that not participated in any wrongdoing. He heard a positive response. Instead of removing the communist position, the commander decided to be cautious: "The truth is necessary," would have said the president.The procedure is similar to that adopted before the fall of this year four other ministers. But a comparison cold, Orlando Silva is more to Peter than to Antonio Novais Palocci: the appointment to the position it did not come out of their own president. The member of the PC do B, also appointed by the Lula government, was in office for inertia, when few were betting on their stay. Furthermore, the wear that weighs the minister has suffered in recent months, with the flaws in the organization of the 2014 World Cup. So there's the betting that the position will be vacant in the next day: "A head should roll this week," bet the PSDB in the Senate leader, Alvaro Dias (PR).Another factor may play against the commander of Sport: in previous episodes, especially in cases of Alfredo Nascimento, Transport, and Peter Novais, Tourism, Dilma dubious posture earned him political dividends: the president, officially, did not fire anyone. He waited alone subordinates fall, when the situation became untenable. But public opinion, was the image of the vaunted "ethical housecleaning" of the government. If Orlando Silva (another part of the cursed legacy of the Lula government) goes down, the myth of the President with relentless corruption likely to increase.Reaction - Faced with the emergence of serious revelations about the sports minister, the opposition should react. And the script is not surprising, since there were other precedents in government Dilma: ask federal prosecutors to investigate the case and try to take the minister to testify in Congress. The Parliamentary Commission of Inquiry (CPI) Corruption, far out of the paper, should also return to the staff. But, at least for the toucans, the scandal, coupled with the recent demonstrations against corruption, can give new life to some ethical flags.On Saturday, DEM issued a statement calling for the immediate resignation of the minister. And further: "Orlando Silva's resignation is not enough. Federal Police, Attorney General's Office and Court of Audit must thoroughly investigate this scheme in the Ministry of Sport," says in the text, the ranking of party in the House, ACM Neto (BA).The PPS will ask, since Monday, the Attorney General's Office investigate the case. "But the government does not do that and we have to go to the prosecutor to charge what they have to be charged. It would be the case for the government to call and say that society will not tolerate it. That in the event of termination, will anyone away, "says the leader of the party in the House, Rubens Bueno (PR).For Alvaro Dias, the road passes by the courts. "Let's split the complaint and convene the judicial authority responsible for setting up the investigation in order to seek civil and criminal liability," he says. The PSDB also ask to convene in Orlando Silva Committee on Education, Culture and Sport of the Senate. If the government repeat the procedure used in recent cases, will accept the visit of the Minister to Parliament since the call is processed in the invitation.Climate - Alvaro Dias also believes that the new complaint, combined with the recent demonstrations calling for an end to corruption in the country, create a favorable climate for voting on proposals of this kind, as a project that transforms the heinous crime of corruption, which is already before Congress. For the leader, the revelations brought by Veja only show that even with the tactics of the ruling cool the scandals, the cases go back to the surface sooner or later. For him, popular pressure for ethics in politics can take shape in coming days."The CPI bingo, there was an incredible shield. The rapporteur was Senator Inácio Arruda, PC B. We did not have conditions for further research in the Ministry of Sports," says Alvaro Dias, in reference to the commission that investigated fraud in the folder during the Lula government. "They bet into oblivion. And what's worse, the minister lead back to the office. It is clear that one day the house falls," says the senator. While the task is daunting, it also must include the collection assinturas to create the CPI on Corruption in Congress.Rubens Bueno also complains about the way the government mobilizes its comfortable majority in Congress to stifle corruption. The representative of the PPS says, for example, no longer believes that the convening of the minister going to solve a problem: "I can even ask to have some effect. But this business of bringing the minister in the House is a horror. They put a average of four deputies by a lead against us and everything, "says the congressman.Layout - The issue of SEE that hit newsstands on Saturday shows how John Dias Ferreira, police and militant PC B in Brasilia, Orlando Silva accused of coordinating a scheme millionaire deviations from agreements with non-governmental organizations (NGOs). To receive the amount they were entitled to, entities must pay 20% of the amount in question to members of the folder.John Dias, who was arrested during an operation that found gaps in the ministry under Lula, Orlando Silva also accused of having received a box full of cash, the original scheme. Most of the diverted resources have been used to cover costs of PC B campaign - including costs of the coalition that in 2006, led Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva to power.Despite his advice was sought on Thursday by Veja, just after closing the magazine late on Friday, is that Orlando Silva made contact with the story.The minister said he was "shocked". He said that the police knew of the threats for some time. "During one year we tried this guy's ministry and made threats, innuendo. And what was our position? Friend, report, say what you want. Why? Because as we are convinced that what was done was correct, we do not fear. And we talked to him, do not care. He said that there was a dossier, which was going to denounce ... The answer was to do, look for the prosecutors, police, justice, do what you want to do, "he said.

£ 30 000Orlando Silva returns to the Treasury which has spent on corporate cards
Posted on 02/02/2008 at 23h02m
CBN, The Globe, The Globe Online Sports Minister Orlando Silva - Daily S.Paulo / Archive
Brasilia, Rio and Sao Paulo - A day after the resignation of Matilde Ribeiro, Special Secretariat for Policies to Promote Racial Equality, on charges of misuse of corporate card, the Sports Minister Orlando Silva, said in a news conference Saturday in St. Paul, who returned to public coffers everything spent on your card in the last two years. He said the expenses amounted to R $ 30,870.38. Also according to the minister, the value was taken from him a personal application at the Bank of Brazil on Friday.
The fact that Orlando did not return the money moved the national president of the DEM, Rodrigo Maia, who reported on Saturday night that will go to the criminal complaint against the Minister for embezzlement, when the server uses its role to take ownership of public or private money. According to Maia, was committed a crime committed.
The minister said that this attitude was an act of outrage after he saw his political life being questioned by the press. He defended the use of corporate card and said it would continue using it, according to new rules established by decree by President Lula. The minister said that at no time used the corporate card for withdrawals, which are now restricted.
Purchase of tapioca was a mistake, says ministroSobre payment of R $ 8.30 in a tapioca in Brasilia, he said it was a mistake. In the interview, he came to show another personal card much like the corporate account and said he was confused at the time of paying the purchase. He told me that all the expenses made in 2006 and 2007 with the corporate card was legal, but decided to return the sum to the competent bodies to make the evaluation of these expenses.
Given the allegations of misuse, the Court of Audit (TCU) has devised an audit of expenditures made with corporate credit cards in the federal government since 2001, when the instrument is now often used the pretext of facilitating the payment of daily expenses by authorities.
In his resignation on Friday, Ribeiro moved to two employees of the folder of the responsibility for the misuse of corporate card. The employees were dismissed. Political scientist Martvs Chagas, assistant secretary, shall assume the office temporarily. (Listen to the minister announced his government shutdown)
In 2007, the monthly costs of Matilda with the cards was £ 14 200, 14 times more than average. Among the irregularities, the main one is that she would have spent $ 118,000 in rental cars in just one year using always the same store. You could buy up to two executive cars, model used by the Minister on the road.
The minister justified the frequent use of the card depending on the need for travel and for not having a decentralized structure of his ministry in the states. The case is being examined by the Comptroller General (CGU) and the Public Ethics Commission. The orientation of the CGU, however, is that the minister should have made a bid for the choice of rental, depending on frequency of use.
Under the new rules, the card can no longer be used for cash withdrawals, with the exception of the organs of the Presidency, the Vice-Presidency, the Federal Police and the Ministries of Health, Finance, and offices abroad. Ministers, however, may allow withdrawals of up to 30% of card limit in exceptional cases, provided that justify the costs. It will also be prohibited from using the card for payment of daily trips in the server service, and to purchase tickets. (What measures do you think? Feedback)
On Thursday, the Minister of Planning, Paulo Bernardo mock the proposed creation of a CPI to investigate the use of corporate card by ministers.
- You will wonder why a minister of state for R tapioca bought a $ 8.30? It will become what the CPI of tapioca? - He asked, referring to Orlando Silva, during the interview in which he announced the changes on the cards, then to consider: - If you need to do, certainly that parliamentarians will decide to do, but I think it is not the case.
05/06/2008 - 12:43Under criticism from opponents, CPI report, which approves or does not ask indictment cites dossier
Folha Online, in Brasilia
The CPI of the Corporate Card approved on Thursday the report by Sergio Luiz (PT-RJ) in which all free government ministers Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva accused of irregularities in the use of payment cards and does not mention the assembly of the dossier with expenses of former president Fernando Henrique Cardoso.
With large majority in the CPI, the government approved the allied base Sergio report by 14 votes to seven, and automatically rejected the parallel text presented by the opposition - which called for the prosecution of ministers Rousseff (Civil House), Altemir Gregolin (Fishing) and Orlando Silva (Sports), among others.
Luiz Sérgio denied that his work was "partial" or has the purpose of promoting the federal government to exonerate ministers irregularities in PT.
"The rapporteur can not be anything other than self extracting data from the parliamentary inquiry. I did not ask or the acquittal of anyone or ask anyone to incriminate themselves. What I'm asking is the result of the CPI is sent to the prosecutor, Court of Audit, which within their methodologies may investigate. It is not the rapporteur make judgments of value. "
The report approved by the CPI, Sergio explanations of irregular expenditure charged to the CGU (Comptroller General of the Union) or reimbursement of the amount used to the public coffers for ex-ministers of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso (PSDB). But ministers said the Orlando Silva, Altemir Gregolin and former Minister Matilde Ribeiro (Racial Equality) used by "mistake" the corporate card to pay for a tapioca, barbecue and shopping in a duty-free shop, respectively.
Sergio only suggests, for ex-ministers of the Fernando Henrique Cardoso, who justify their irregular expenditure by the CGU (Comptroller General of the Union) under penalty of returning resources to the public coffers - as Raul Jungmann (Agrarian Reform), Martus Tavares (Planning), Paulo Renato (Education) and Pimenta da Veiga (Communications).
The rapporteur has accepted only suggestion parliamentarians allied with the government to withdraw from the final text expressions that emitted "value judgments" about ministers toucans. Sergio agreed to take from the text, for example, the complaint against the former Minister Pimenta da Veiga (Communications) accused of using the corporate card in March 2001 to buy a "toucan blue quartz stones and green quartz" in the amount of U.S. $ 48.90.
Despite adopting different tone in the text on the spending ministers and the Cardoso administration of President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Sergio says in the report that took as much "free as possible" to examine irregularities in the use of cards in the years 1997 and 2007.
With the approval of the report of Sergio, the CPI goes out of business without requiring punishment of ministers and officials from the federal government accused of improperly using corporate cards.
The commission ended its work without clear details of the assembly of the dossier anti-FHC, posture played by opposition MPs as a "pizza" mounted under the guidance of the Presidential Palace.


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Manifestantes ocupam Wall Street por palestra de Roberto Shinyashiki em Nova York

Manifestantes ocupam Wall Street por palestra de Roberto Shinyashiki em Nova York Roberto Shinyashiki motivou Lula a dar palestras
EUA - Motivadas pelo lançamento do livro Problemas? Oba!, cerca de duzentas mil pessoas organizaram uma manifestação em frente à Bolsa de Valores do Nova York. "Representamos o desejo coletivo da América, que anseia pelos conselhos motivacionais de Roberto Shinyashiki", explicou uma senhora do Wisconsin. Impactado com o release do livro, um jovem desempregado deixou o estado de Wyoming a pé para aderir ao coro em Wall Street. "Tive uma epifania quando li que Roberto Shinyashiki mostra no livro Problemas? Oba! que o sucesso das pessoas é diretamente proporcional ao tamanho dos problemas que conseguem resolver. Os EUA precisam dessa lição".
Atendendo aos apelos da população, as redes ABC, MSNBC e CBS se uniram e fizeram uma oferta para que Shinyashiki ocupe o horário nobre diariamente com conselhos e mensagens motivacionais para os americanos. "Negociaremos também com R. R. Soares", afirmou um alto executivo.
Autor de obras como Segredo dos Campeões, O Sucesso é ser Feliz e Você: a Alma do Negócio, Roberto Shinyashiki se colocou à disposição para prestar consultoria para Obama, à Comunidade Europeia e ao FED. "Na cabeça do campeão, uma palavra permanece em evidência o tempo todo: agora! Ele sabe que não pode deixar para amanhã o que os concorrentes podem fazer hoje. Seu espírito de competição e o desejo de vencer fazem com que supere os desafios do trabalho porque tem consciência de que esse é o caminho da vitória!", explicou.
Michael Moore anunciou que fará um documentário sobre Roberto Shinyashiki e foi imediatamente premiado em Cannes.


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Reynaldo Gianecchini fala pela primeira vez sobre o câncer

"Nunca imaginei que pudesse ter essa doença", diz o ator, que é mais novo integrante do Movimento Contra o Linfoma, campanha da Associação Brasileira de Linfoma e Leucemia


Reynaldo Gianecchini em campanha da Abrale (Foto: Divulgação)
O ator Reynaldo Gianecchini fala pela primeira vez em público sobre o câncer no sistema linfático que enfrenta. Em um depoimento gravado no dia 6 de outubro para a Abrale (Associação Brasileira de Linfoma e Leucemia), Gianecchini conta como descobriu a doença. "Comecei a desenvolver umas alergias. Operei de hérnia na virilha, e deu uma infeçcão. Começaram a surgir gânglios na região do pescoço. (...) Tiramos para fazer a biópsia. (...) Depois de um mês veio o diagnóstico", disse. O vídeo começa com o ator afirmando que nunca imaginou que pudesse ter um câncer. "É um diagnóstico que vem, que te assusta. Primeiro porque a gente nunca imagina que pudesse ter isso. Segundo porque é uma doença que tem um estigma lá atrás. As pessoas nem falavam isso", afirmou.
Emocionado, Gianecchini falou do apoio que vem recebendo de amigos, da família e de fãs. "Fui recebendo um amor tão grande das pessoas. E esse amor era tão tocante, acho que fez tão parte do meu crescimento, para buscar essa minha força", disse. O ator mostra que está encarando a doença com muita força. "Acredito que isso possa ser uma dádiva para mim", afirmou dizendo que a doença uniu ainda mais a família e tem lhe ensinado a ser forte.
Além de todo o carinho recebido da família e fãs, Gianecchini diz que outra fonte de força para enfrentar o câncer é convívio com crianças que também lutam contra a doença. "Tem muita criança que tem leucemia. Quando eu vou visitar essas crianças, saio de lá tão forte. Elas têm uma postura tão bonita, um sorriso sempre estampado no rosto."

O Movimento Contra o Linfoma

Em agosto deste ano, o ator Reynaldo Gianecchini recebeu o diagnóstico de linfoma, um tipo de câncer do sistema linfático. Ele nasce da alteração de um tipo de glóbulo branco, chamado linfócito, responsável pela defesa natural do corpo contra infecções. "Tenho linfoma do tipo de célula T, que é um pouco mais complicado. É um câncer bem raro", diz no vídeo.
Após dois meses de tratamento, Gianecchini decidiu gravar o depoimento em vídeo para a Abrale, uma entidade que reúne pacientes da doença.
O ator é o mais novo integrante do Movimento Contra o Linfoma, campanha lançada pela Abrale no mês de setembro. “Fazer parte de uma ação como esta, realizada pela Abrale, é muito gratificante e fortalecedor. Afinal, o objetivo principal é o que mais priorizo no momento: a vida”, disse o ator.
O Movimento conta também com a participação de mais oito artistas: Amandha Lee, Caco Ciocler, Camila Morgado, Drica MoraesMatheus Solano, Marcelo Airoldi, Odilon Wagner, Sarah Oliveira.


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#occupywashingtonsquare TAKING TIMES SQUARE

Occupy Times Square: Occupy Wall Street Protesters Swarm Midtown (PHOTOS)

Occupy Wall Street Times Square
First Posted: 10/15/11 06:34 PM ET Updated: 10/15/11 09:54 PM ET

NEW YORK, Oct 15 (Reuters) - Thousands of anti-Wall Street protesters rallied in New York's Times Square on Saturday, buoyed by a global day of demonstrations in support of their monthlong campaign against corporate greed.
Inspired by the Occupy Wall Street movement, protests on Saturday started in Asia and rippled through Europe back to the United States and Canada. Protesters fed up with economic inequality took to the streets in cities from Washington, Boston and Chicago to Los Angeles, Miami and Toronto.
After weeks of intense media coverage, the size of the U.S. protests on Saturday have been smaller than G20 meetings or political conventions yielded in recent years. Such events often draw tens of thousands of demonstrators.
In New York, where the movement began when protesters set up camp in a Lower Manhattan park on Sept. 17, organizers said the protest grew to at least 5,000 people as they marched to Times Square from their makeshift outdoor headquarters.
"These protests are already making a difference," said Jordan Smith, 25, a former substance abuse counselor from San Francisco, who joined the New York protest. "The dialogue is now happening all over the world."
The protesters chanted, "We got sold out, banks got bailed out" and "All day, all week, occupy Wall Street." They arrived in Times Square at a time when the area is already crowded with tourists and Broadway theatergoers.
"This is disgusting" said Anatoly Lapushner, who was shopping with his family at Toys R Us in Times Square. "Why aren't they marching on Washington and the politicians? Instead they go after the economic lifeblood of the city."
American protesters are angry that U.S. banks are enjoying booming profits after getting bailouts in 2008, while many people are struggling in a difficult economy with more than 9 percent unemployment and little help from Washington.
Some were disappointed the New York crowd was not larger.
"People don't want to get involved. They'd rather watch on TV," said Troy Simmons, 47, who joined demonstrators as he left work. "The protesters could have done better today ... people from the whole region should be here and it didn't happen."
The Times Square mood was akin to New Year's Eve, when the famed "ball drop" occurs. In a festive mood, protesters were joined by throngs of tourists snapping pictures, together counting back from 10 and shouting, "Happy New Year."
Police said three people were arrested in Times Square after pushing down police barriers and five men were arrested earlier for wearing masks. Police also arrested 24 people at a Citibank branch in Manhattan, mostly for trespassing.
Citibank was not immediately available for comment.
At about 8 p.m., police arrested 42 people for blocking the sidewalk. Protesters complained they had no place to go with a wall of police in riot gear in front of them and thousands of demonstrators behind them leaving Times Square.
Five thousand people marched through the streets of Los Angeles and gathered peacefully outside City Hall.
The Occupy Wall Street movement has been gathering steam over the past month, culminating with Saturday's action. The protests worldwide were mostly peaceful apart from Rome, where the demonstration sparked riots.
But it was unclear if the movement, which has been driven using social media, would sustain momentum beyond Saturday. Critics have accused the group of not having clear goals.
In Toronto, a couple of thousand people gathered peacefully and started to set up a camp in one of the city's parks. Protesters in Washington marched through the streets.
"I am going to start my life as an adult in debt and that's not fair," student Nathaniel Brown told Reuters Television. "Millions of teenagers across the country are going to start their futures in debt, while all of these corporations are getting money fed all the time and none of us can get any."
Copyright 2011 Thomson Reuters. Click for Restrictions.
Latest updates on HuffPost's live blog:

live blog

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3:16 AM – Today
'We Are The 99%,' L.A. Marchers Chant At Protest
From The Los Angeles Times:
Marchers carried signs reading "Corporations are not people" and "Trickledown made us pee-ons." Some protesters railed against war, but what emerged as a unifying sentiment was that middle-class and poor Americans are being hurt at the hands of greedy corporate profiteers and politicians.
"Banks are sitting on money, and my house is under water," said Sharon Stewart, 65, a retired USC worker who lives part time in Phoenix. "I'm frightened about Medicare and Social Security. Children and grandchildren are being negatively impacted by the economic crisis."
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2:22 AM – Today
Occupy Orlando Demonstrators Continue To Protest Overnight
From The Orlando Sentinel:
In Orlando, the police-escorted march began at Senator Beth Johnson Park, weaved along Orange Avenue to City Hall and then headed back to the park along Garland Avenue. Some protesters lingered at the park until it closed at 11 p.m., then moved to nearby sidewalks, where they said police had told them it would be OK to continue their rally overnight until the park reopens at 6 a.m. Sunday.

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2:17 AM – Today
Arrests Expected At Washington Square Park In NYC
@ NYScanner : Manhattan: Washington Square Park, NYPD Notified the protesters the park closed midnight. Multiple arrests will be made. #occupywallstreet
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1:26 AM – Today
A Lot of Cops Showed Up At Times Square Today
Occupy Wall Street
-- Photo by Mat McDermott
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1:25 AM – Today
Arrests At Occupy Fort Worth
@ OccupyDallas : Arrests have been made at #OccupyFortWorth & we've sent legal & fellow #Occupiers from #OccupyDallas will be joining y'all soon! #StayStrong
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1:24 AM – Today
Activists Call For More 'Bodies' At Washington Square Park In NYC
@ OccupyWallStNYC : If yr not already at Washington Sq pk, come to #libertysquare ! We need more bodies! #15oct #ows #usdor
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1:23 AM – Today
The View From Washington Square Park In NYC
Several reporters and activists report via Twitter that Washington Square Park may see mass arrests tonight. Here is a picture of the scene there:

-- Photo by Ismail Khalidi
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1:21 AM – Today
Occupy Toronto Draws 2,000 Activists
Via The Star:
Roughly 2,000 protesters filled St. James Park in downtown Toronto Saturday, heralding the arrival of the Occupy Wall Street movement to Canadian cities.
Similar protests, all based on ideologically nebulous goals, were also held in Vancouver and Montreal on Saturday. The protests were initially called for by the Vancouver-based activist group Adbusters.
“Today they’ve shown that people do care,” Occupy Toronto committee member Taylor Chelsea said of the protesters and activists who gathered to support disparate causes such as First Nations rights, Palestinian liberation and the legalization of marijuana.
“We’re starting to see people realize we are active and we are actively coming to need each other, learn from each other, get informed on the opinions and what’s going on.”
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1:20 AM – Today
Occupy Chicago Moves To Grant Park
Via the Chicago Tribune
The Occupy Chicago protest moved its focus from LaSalle Street to an area in Grant Park Saturday night.
A crowd of about 2,000 people marched from LaSalle Street and Jackson to Congress Plaza, north of Congress Parkway and east of Michigan Avenue, continuing the 3-week-old protest against corporate corruption, government spending and myriad other issues.
Bearing homemade signs, American flags and printed banners, the crowd settled in the plaza to listed to a variety of speakers, while some participants erected tents and set up sleeping bags.
"Look at what we did!" shouted one speaker. "The corporations control the government and the wealth but we have the greatest power of all: the power of the people!"
"This is our Tahrir Square," said another speaker, referencing the protests in Egypt as part of what has been called the Arab Spring. "We're not going to take it anymore! We're going to take these streets!"
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11:49 PM – Today
WATCH: Police Barricade Protesters At Occupy Time Square
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11:37 PM – Today
Citibank Releases Statement Over Protester Arrests:
They blame NYPD:
Citibank Public Affairs issued the following statement regarding today's incident: "A large amount of protesters entered our branch at 555 La Guardia Place around 2:00 PM today. They were very disruptive and refused to leave after being repeatedly asked, causing our staff to call 911. The Police asked the branch staff to close the branch until the protesters could be removed. Only one person asked to close an account and was accommodated."
To be clear: no one was arrested for closing an account; we didn't lock people in our branch - the police decided to close the branch; and we didn't ask for anyone to be arrested - that is a police decision.
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11:36 PM – Today
WATCH: Protesters March Into Times Square
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11:34 PM – Today
The View From Occupy Chicago
Another view of #occupychi. on Twitpic
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11:06 PM – Today
OWS Considering Takeover Of Washington Square Park?
@ 99Brett : General Assembly is now beginning in Washington Square Park. The big question: occupy the park? #Oct15 #OWS
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11:05 PM – Today
Occupy Orlando Facing Police Crackdown
On Twitter and Facebook Occupy Orlando has sent out a message for more protesters as the police are making noise about shutting them down. The message on Facebook: "There is a legal situation with police at park."
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10:45 PM – 10/15/2011
Occupy Chicago Faces Curfew
@ OccupyChicago : CPD telling us there is an 11pm curfew. we need numbers to keep them back. now is the time, #Chicago! stand with the 99% and #campoutchi! #ows http://t.co/zg0SxhK8
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10:39 PM – 10/15/2011
Occupy Providence Digs In
Via AP:
The Occupy Wall Street movement made its mark Saturday in Rhode Island, as well over 1,000 protesters with the group Occupy Providence marched peacefully through the capital city then set up camp in a city park. Activists young and old, some with children riding on their shoulders, took to downtown streets to the beat of drums and a marching band and carrying signs, including ones that read "The System Stinks" and "Wake up from the American Dream."
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10:38 PM – 10/15/2011
More From Times Square
The New York Post has footage from Times Square:
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10:31 PM – 10/15/2011
Why Protests No Longer Need CNN
Cable is out. Livestreaming is in. So says the New York Times:
Organizers in New York City also used their Global Revolution channel on Livestream to deliver live video feeds of the protests in New York. A stream of comments about the global protests from users around the world could be found on this channel, along with links to videos and livestreams of protests. The online conversation about the Occupied Wall Street movement has been steadily growing on social media platforms in recent weeks and increased among global users in the last week as the planned day for demonstrations around the world approached on Saturday.
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10:30 PM – 10/15/2011
Around The U.S.
More Patch reports from protests around the country: St. Louis, Boston and Savannah.
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10:28 PM – 10/15/2011
Occupy Dallas March Drew Hundreds
According to the organization's website:
Dallas Police estimate that over 350 people attended the OccupyDallas solidarity march Saturday. The protest was coordinated with occupy movements across the United States as a show of unity between the several hundred occupations currently taking place. One protester, Wendy Crow reported that "As we marched, people were getting out of their cars and joining us." At 1 p.m. Saturday, protesters gathered together at Pioneer Plaza and began the 2 mile march to the Goldman Sachs building.
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10:07 PM – 10/15/2011
70 NYC Arrests
According to the AP, an NYPD spokesman says 42 were arrested at 46th Street and 6th Avenue. 70 protesters have been arrested in New York today, according to the report.
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10:03 PM – 10/15/2011

Gawker reports on a man who has been tracking Occupy Wall Street protesters for the FBI and NYPD.
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9:40 PM – 10/15/2011
Times Square
Photo by John de Guzman, via Think Progress.
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9:34 PM – 10/15/2011
The New York Daily News reports that 71 have been arrested in Times Square.
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8:57 PM – 10/15/2011
Dancing In Washington Square Park
HuffPost's Craig Kanalley arrived in Washington Square Park where people are dancing. A General Assembly meeting will be held in the park at 10 pm.
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8:50 PM – 10/15/2011
"The Whole World Is Watching"
"The whole world is watching," people chant at 46th street. Police have surrounded a small group of protesters.
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8:46 PM – 10/15/2011
Corporate Messages And #OWS Signs
Mother Jones' Josh Harkinson is on Times Square and tweets on the ironic juxtaposition of #OWS signs and corporate messages.
@ JoshHarkinson : Corp. media messages in Times Square right now: Tough Love Miami (sitcom); Where there's Pepsi there's music; Dunking Donuts; JVC; NASDAQ...

@ JoshHarkinson : #OWS msgs @ Times Sq.: No money, no probs; Working Class Heroine; Occupy Change; Stop the Political Gridlock!; We Are Here; Who is My Gov't?
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8:35 PM – 10/15/2011
Leave The Square Or Face Arrest
People in Times Square are reportedly told to leave the square or face arrest.
A.P. made this photo earlier this evening:
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8:25 PM – 10/15/2011
"This Is What Democracy Looks Like"
HuffPost's Melissa Jeltsen wrote about half an hour ago from Times Square:
"Crowd is growing in Times Square. Lots of cops at 44th and Broadway. Sound of drums, people chanting, 'show me what democracy looks like, this is what democracy looks like.' Big media presence. There are people of all ages here -- young children on parents' shoulders, as well as elderly protesters. The ABC banner keeps showing 'Occupy Wall Street movement goes worldwide,' much to people's delight. No violence or altercations with police that I can see. One person tried to start a chant, "we're not cattle, let's do battle," and another protester said no -- no battles. The chant was discontinued."


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Next Occupy - Wall Street-Run Health Insurance Companies

Ethan Rome


Posted: 10/11/11 02:25 PM ET
America's families and small businesses are barely hanging on while the Wall Street-run health insurance profit machines have been jacking up rates and providing less care. That's why it makes sense for Occupy Wall Street protesters to occupy them as well.
In an excellent post on Monday, former health insurance industry insider Wendell Potter suggested that protesters target the Washington, D.C., offices of the insurance industry's lobbying arm. He's right. People should also demonstrate at the corporate offices of the biggest Wall Street-run companies: Aetna and Cigna in Hartford, Conn., WellPoint in Indianapolis, Humana in Louisville and UnitedHealth in Minneapolis.
Much has been said about the banks and credit card companies that are headquartered on Wall Street. The health insurance companies' relentless pursuit of profit and callous disregard for people offers another window into how big corporations have abused people and twisted the economy to serve their own interests.
Health insurance companies make excessive profits, hoard massive amounts of cash, overcharge their customers and give their top executives obscene paychecks.
While we've been dealing with the crushing impact of the worst recession since the Great Depression, the top five health insurance companies have been celebrating boom years thanks to record profits that are expected to total $14 billion in 2011, an astonishing 80% increase since 2008. They did it by raising rates 131% since 1999.
After the insurers gouge us and line their CEOs' pockets, they hoard billions of dollars. As of Dec. 31, 2010, the nation's for-profit and nonprofit health insurance companies were holding $97.3 billion to cover unexpected medical claims -- six times more than state regulators require, according to Citigroup Global Markets.
Not surprisingly, insurance company CEOs and executives have been compensated at obscene levels for producing such enormous profits for Wall Street. The chief executives of America's 10 largest health insurance companies were paid $228 million in 2009, up from $33 million in 2000. In that 10-year period, health insurance CEOs received nearly $1 billion in total compensation, and that doesn't even count hundreds of millions more in unreported exercises of stock options during that period. We've got 9% unemployment, falling wages and a declining standard of living, and these guys are taking raises that stagger the imagination.
Meanwhile, millions of Americans are uninsured, and millions more have inadequate coverage. The Affordable Care Act is changing things for the better, but full implementation can't come soon enough. That's why so many of the Occupy Wall Street protesters say health care is a major issue for them. Many don't have insurance, and they're worried they never will. And while Wall Street and the big corporations are wreaking havoc on the country, Republicans in Congress are doing everything they can to make things worse by trying to repeal consumer-friendly reforms like the health care law and bank regulation and trying to eliminate middle-class programs like Medicare and Medicaid.
At the core of the hundreds of Occupy Wall Street protests across the country is anger over the simple fact that the wealthiest 1% and the corporations they own are getting even richer while the rest of us -- the 99% who built this country and make it work -- are getting poorer. Our perverse economy has produced such extreme income inequality that it is destroying the very essence of America.
The right-wing Republican extremists who work for the 1% like the Koch Brothers think it's the protesters who are destroying America. House Majority Leader Eric Cantor calls the protestors "growing mobs." GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain, who is not burdened by Cantor's restraint, calls the Wall Street demonstrators "un-American."
Some in the media complain that they can't figure out what the protesters want. It seems pretty obvious to me. They want jobs and health care and homes. They want an end to unbridled corporate greed. They want the opportunity to realize their full potential in the greatest country on earth. And they want their political leaders to stand up for them, not the 1%. That's why they started this movement on Wall Street, the financial capital of the world, and that's why the politicians should support the protesters instead of calling them names.
Here are two things you can do to support the movement against corporate greed:


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Embaixada dos EUA manda no trânsito do DF

16/10/2011 | 01:00

A título de “segurança” para os pedestres e usuários de seus serviços, a Embaixada dos Estados Unidos em Brasília fez algo que daria cadeia se patrocinado pelo embaixador brasileiro em Washington: bloqueou uma via pública. Fechou com cones de concreto um contorno na L4 Sul, na Av. das Nações, que dá acesso para a embaixada. O GDF gastou R$ 16,5 milhões na obra interditada pela paranóia dos americanos.

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16/10/2011 | 01:00

What else...

A Embaixada informa que acertou o bloqueio com o Detran num “projeto mais abrangente para atender à grande demanda” de visitas ao prédio.

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16/10/2011 | 01:00

Tá bom

Na via onde só passa carro, a resposta dos americanos atropela: “O bloqueio (...) foi necessário para (...) não colocar em risco os pedestres”.

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16/10/2011 | 01:00

Lá, não!

O Itamaraty informou que a embaixada pode atuar junto às autoridades. Mas não respondeu se o mesmo pode ser feito pelo Brasil nos EUA.

Pensando bem...

Para um país que dá asilo ao terrorista Cesare Battisti, todo cuidado tomado pela Embaixada dos EUA é pouco.


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