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quinta-feira, 15 de julho de 2010

Police investigating the use of documents Eliza

Were consulted on the Serasa CPF young disappeared.
Goalkeeper Bruno and 7 other people are suspected of involvement in crime.

G1, with information from National Journal

Police began investigating the misuse of documents Eliza Samudio, who disappeared in early June. There have been several queries about it on CPF Serasa in July.

See the site of the National Journal

For the police, robbers could be using the documents of the young to try to disrupt the investigation of the murder.

Eliza, who disappeared in early June, had a relationship with the goalkeeper Bruno, who was of Flemish. She tried to prove the Justice that the athlete was the father of her child. Eight suspected of involvement in the girl's disappearance were arrested. All denied the crime.

Former policeman Marcos Aparecido dos Santos, known as the ball reached the Investigation Department of Belo Horizonte under tight security. Accused of killing Eliza, he was called to give testimony to the delegates informally.

Sergio Rosa, Bruno's cousin, spent the day being heard in the department.
Learn more

* Lawyer asks for freedom to Bruno
* Cousin Bruno is called to testify on police station
* Traces of blood are found in place of Bruno, police say

The Court of Ontario has received applications for habeas corpus to the goalkeeper Bruno, Dayanne Robinson (ex-wife of Bruno), Luiz Henrique Ferreira Romão (the noodles), Elenilson Vitor da Silva, Wemerson Marques de Souza (Coxinha-friendly goalkeeper), Flavio Caetano de Araujo and Sergio Rosa Sales (Bruno's cousin).

Experts began to analyze the materials found at the site of a goalkeeper, like strands of hair and blood on the mattress in the room that Eliza would have been before being killed. The skill also analyzes samples collected at the home of Marcos Aparecido, where Eliza Samudio would have been executed.

Geologists have helped in the searches with a device that functions as a kind of X-ray high-precision, capable of tracking cavities in soil and buildings within thirty feet deep.

Testimony of the child
The teenager who confessed to having participated in the crime to police testimony resumed mining on Thursday. He has been heard at other times by police and prosecutors in Rio de Janeiro by a prosecutor and a judge in Contagem (MG) and the delegate who investigates the murder case.

"We're not building on the information already provided by him. We decided simply to hear him, hear his narration spontaneous, "says a delegate Ana Maria dos Santos.



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#CASOBRUNO Polícia investiga o uso de documentos de Eliza

Foram feitas consultas no Serasa sobre CPF de jovem desaparecida.
Goleiro Bruno e outras 7 pessoas são suspeitas de envolvimento no crime.

Do G1, com informações do Jornal Nacional

A polícia começou a investigar o uso indevido documentos de Eliza Samudio, que desapareceu no início de junho. Foram feitas diversas consultas sobre o CPF dela no Serasa no mês de julho.

Veja o site do Jornal Nacional

Para a polícia, estelionatários poderiam estar usando os documentos da jovem para tentar tumultuar a investigação do homicídio.

Eliza, que desapareceu no início de junho, teve um relacionamento com o goleiro Bruno, que era do Flamengo. Ela tentava provar, na Justiça, que o atleta era pai de seu filho. Oito suspeitos de envolvimento no sumiço da jovem foram presos. Todos negam o crime.

O ex-policial Marcos Aparecido dos Santos, conhecido como o bola, chegou ao Departamento de Investigações de Belo Horizonte sob um forte esquema de segurança. Acusado de matar Eliza, ele foi chamado para prestar um depoimento informal aos delegados.

Sérgio Rosa, primo de Bruno, passou o dia sendo ouvido no departamento.

O Tribunal de Justiça de Minas Gerais recebeu pedidos de habeas corpus para o goleiro Bruno, Dayanne Rodrigues (ex-mulher de Bruno), Luiz Henrique Ferreira Romão (o Macarrão), Elenilson Vitor da Silva, Wemerson Marques de Souza (Coxinha, amigo do goleiro), Flávio Caetano de Araújo e Sérgio Rosa Sales (o primo de Bruno).

Os peritos começaram a analisar os materiais encontrados no sítio de goleiro, como fios de cabelo e sangue no colchão do quarto em que Eliza teria ficado antes de ser morta. A perícia também analisa amostras recolhidas na casa de Marcos Aparecido, onde Eliza Samudio teria sido executada.

Geólogos ajudaram nas buscas com um equipamento que funciona como uma espécie de raio x de alta precisão, capaz de rastrear partes ocas no solo e em construções em até trinta metros de profundidade.

Depoimento do menor
O adolescente que confessou ter participado do crime retomou o depoimento à polícia mineira nesta quinta-feira. Ele já foi ouvido outras vezes, pela polícia e pelo Ministério Público no Rio de Janeiro, por um promotor e por um juiz em Contagem (MG) e pela delegada de homicídios que investiga o caso.

“Nós não estamos tomando como base informações já prestadas por ele. Optamos simplesmente por ouvi-lo, ouvir dele a narração espontânea”, afirma a delegada Ana Maria dos Santos.



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Arizona family says it adopted girl abducted 7 years ago in Norwalk

Investigators and police found Amber Rose Nicklas on Wednesday living with a family in Phoenix. It remains unclear how the family obtained her and whether she knows she was kidnapped.


A Phoenix family that says it adopted a girl kidnapped as a toddler seven years ago in Norwalk had changed her name and birth date and kept her out of school, L.A. County sheriff's detectives announced Thursday.

Family members tried to hide Amber Rose Nicklas, who turns 8 next month, in a bathroom when detectives arrived at the Phoenix home Wednesday night, authorities said. They had no documents to prove her adoption.

L.A. County sheriff's investigators and Phoenix police found Amber living with the family in a small house that doubles as a tarot card and palm-reading business on a busy thoroughfare on the city's north end. Police and neighbors said it is the only house on the street.

"I never noticed people in or out for at least six months, if not more," said Ray Bladine, an auto-shop manager three doors down.

Amber had likely lived with the Phoenix family since shortly after her abduction, said L.A. County Sheriff's Det. Jerry Saba, who investigated the case.

"That was her family in her mind," Saba said Thursday during a news conference in Norwalk, adding that nothing was known about Amber's biological parents, including their whereabouts.

Amber's ordeal began shortly after her birth in August 2002, when she was taken from her grandmother, who was raising her, and placed with a foster family in L.A. County, Saba said.

The foster family took her to a meeting sanctioned by the county child services department in September 2003 with her three aunts, all juveniles, at a Chuck E. Cheese's restaurant on Firestone Boulevard in Norwalk.

While the foster parents were distracted, two aunts grabbed Amber and lifted her over a gate to a waiting third aunt, who drove off with her, said Sheriff's Capt. Patrick Maxwell.

Two aunts were arrested at the time and charged with kidnapping, said Maxwell. A judge later sealed records of the case, but it appears they served time in juvenile camp, he said. The third aunt remained at large.

After Amber disappeared, her case slowly faded into the department's cold files. The case was finally reopened last November when Saba, a 20-year veteran of the department, received a tip that did not pan out. But it led to other tips and eventually to the house in north Phoenix, where Amber lived with two parents, an adult brother and a preschool age sister for most of the last seven years, Saba said.

He described the family as distraught but cooperative Wednesday and that Amber appeared well cared for and cheerful.

Amber's footprint matched the one on file in Los Angeles County, Saba said. She was flown back to Southern California, where she was provided shelter by the county's Department of Children and Family Services.

"But she was reassured by her family and by us," Saba said. "We told her that we were going to take her to see some people who care about her."

Still, Saba said: "It was heart-wrenching. I felt like I was victimizing her again."

It remained unclear how the Phoenix family obtained Amber or whether she was aware she had been kidnapped.

Saba has interviewed the third aunt, but he declined to comment on what she said or whether she will be charged.

Maxwell said Amber was victimized first by living in an unfit home, then by being kidnapped from her foster parents.

"Last night, law enforcement took her away from the only family she knows," he said. "We're happy we did locate the child. But we all should remember this child has been a victim three times."



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Iran mosque attacks: 20 killed

Jul 16, 2010

TEHERAN - TWO suicide bombings at a Shi'ite mosque in heavily Sunni south-east Iran killed more than 20 people on Thursday, including worshippers and members of the Revolutionary Guards, state media reported.

The attack came as people celebrated the birthday of Imam Hussein, grandson of the Muslim Prophet Mohammed, a day also set apart each year to honour the Revolutionary Guards. More than 100 people were wounded in the attacks, which came only minutes apart, at the Jamia mosque in the restive city of Zahedan, capital of south-eastern Sistan-Baluchestan province.

'Two explosions in front of the Zahedan Jamia mosque left more than 100 wounded and more than 20 martyred,' Fariborz Rashedi, the head of the emergency services of Sistan-Baluchestan province, told state news agency IRNA. Zahedan MP Hossein Ali Shahriari told Fars news agency the attacks were carried out by suicide bombers, with the first by a man dressed as a woman. 'The attacker, dressed in women's clothing, was trying to get into the mosque, but was prevented,' Mr Shahriari said.

'When people came to rescue those hit in that blast, another bomber blew himself up.' IRNA said the first attack was around 9.20pm (1650 GMT, 12.50am Singapore time). Deputy Interior Minister Ali Abdollahi said it was carried out by a suicide bomber where worshippers were being frisked before entering the mosque. 'That attack resulted in the martyrdom of several, including some of the Revolutionary Guards,' he said.

Mr Abdollahi said the second attack took more casualties as people rushed to the site of the first bombing. The head of Guards political bureau, Yadollah Javani, pointed the finger at United States, Israel and other Western countries as possible planners of Thursday's bombings.

'One cannot rule out the direct intervention of America, Zionists and other Western countries in the explosions at Jamia mosque of Zahedan,' he told Fars. Zahedan has been repeatedly hit by attacks blamed on Sunni rebel group Jundallah (Soldiers of God), which plays on feelings of resentment among ethnic Baluchis in the province. -- AFP



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No plans for iPhone 4 recall

A customer looks at an iPhone 4 at the Apple Store 5th Avenue in New York June 24, 2010. People lined up hours in advance hoping to snag one of the "limited" quantity slated for retail sale only. AT&T will begin selling the iPhone 4 at retail on June 29, on a first-come first-served basis. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)

BEIJING, July 16 (Xinhuanet) -- Apple has no plans of recalling iPhone 4, according to a report of the Wall Street Journal on Thursday.

Users have been complaining about the phone’s reception problems since its release on June 24. Many cited the phone’s unstable signal when they hold the device with their left hands.

Reports suggest this is because grasping the phone like this covers a small gap separating the two ends of iPhone 4's perimeter antenna.

The Wall Street Journal article said Apple engineers knew of the antenna problem beforehand, but pressed on with the phone’s development and launch.

Bloomberg BusinessWeek reported earlier Thursday that Apple CEO Steve Jobs ignored the design flaw, but an Apple spokesman said, "We challenge Bloomberg BusinessWeek to produce anything beyond rumors to back this up. It's simply not true."

Apple has called a news conference at its headquarters to discuss the issue Friday. But according to the Wall Street Journal, “a person familiar with the matter” said Apple doesn't plan to recall the phone.

Analysts said Apple would most likely offer free or discounted rubber cases to insulate the antenna from human touch, thus minimizing the reception trouble.

Apple chief executive Steve Jobs (R) shows an iPhone 4 to Russia's President Dmitry Medvedev during his visit to Silicon Valley in Cupertino June 23, 2010. Medvedev was "inspired" by a tour of Silicon Valley on Wednesday and left determined to replicate the U.S. technology hub at home, despite pessimism that Russia could create a sufficiently open environment to nurture success. Picture taken June 23, 2010. (Xinhua/Reuters Photo)



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Rain season kills 50, injures over 100 in Colombia

BOGOTA, July 15 (Xinhua) -- The current rain season in Colombia has so far claimed at least 50 lives and injured 119, the Interior and Justice Ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

Torrential rain, massive flooding and ensuing landslides have affected some 258,000 people in more than 250 hardest-hit municipalities, the statement said. At least eight people remain missing.

Floods have swallowed some 357 houses and damaged 43,000 more, the statement added.

In response to the emergencies, the Colombian government have allocated 5.305 billion Colombian pesos (some 7.8 million U.S. dollars) to purchase mattresses, food, medicines, building materials and barricades.

The natural phenomenon known as "La Nina", which is associated with cooler than normal water temperatures in the Equatorial Pacific Ocean, increased the rainfall in the country which is likely to continue into November.



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Problema na fuselagem cancela voo da Air France

São Paulo - O voo AF 455 da Air France, que decolaria do Aeroporto Internacional de São Paulo, em Guarulhos, com destino a Paris, às 16h15 desta quinta-feira, foi cancelado devido a um dano na fuselagem do avião, um Boeing 777-200. Segundo a companhia aérea, o problema foi constatado com o avião ainda no solo, durante inspeção feita obrigatoriamente antes de qualquer decolagem. A Infraero disse que foi informada sobre uma "situação de manutenção" e que os passageiros serão acomodados em outros voos da companhia.

Em nota, a Air France afirmou que os 227 passageiros estão sendo desembarcados e receberão toda a assistência da Air France (hospedagem, alimentação e transporte). O voo está reprogramado para amanhã, às 15h50.

Anteontem, um Boeing 747 da Air France que saiu do Rio de Janeiro com destino a Paris teve que fazer meia-volta e retornar ao aeroporto por causa de um problema técnico nos banheiros, segundo a Infraero. O voo 443 decolou às 16h47 do Aeroporto Internacional Tom Jobim/Galeão e pousou às 22h03 no mesmo aeroporto. Segundo a Infraero, o avião passará por reparos, e os passageiros embarcaram novamente às 23h55 de ontem.

Em nota, a companhia admitiu o "grande desconforto para os passageiros", mas afirmou que o piloto do Boeing 747-400, que fazia o voo AF 443, decidiu voltar após ter detectado a falha.

(eu ,hein!)
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    Recife - A decolagem do vôo 433 da Air France que teve que pousar em Recife na noite de sábado, após um alarme falso de bomba, foi atrasado em uma hora: ...
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Como Esquecer

Filme com Ana Paula Arósio estreia em outubro

Júlia (Ana Paula Arosio) é uma professora de literatura inglesa, 35 anos, que luta para reconstruir sua vida depois de viver uma intensa e duradoura relação amorosa com Antônia.

Em meio a uma série de conflitos internos e diante da necessária readaptação para uma nova vida, não disfarça sua dor enquanto narra suas emoções.

Ao longo do filme, ela vai encontrando e se relacionando com outras pessoas que também estão vivendo, cada uma a seu modo, a experiência de ter perdido algo muito importante em suas vidas.

Uma trama instigante que fala de pessoas comuns enfrentando os desafios de superar as dores do passado e a busca por uma nova chance de encontrar a felicidade.


Julia is a 35-year-old English Literature teacher struggling with depression as she tries to get her life back together again after her long, intense love affair with Antonia.

Feeling totally abandoned after she and her enigmatic girlfriend broke up, Julia is thrown into a desperate, painful process. Her life and her values have been tinged with unbearable melancholy and her life’s measure seems reduced to out-of-focus fragments of her memories.

Her inner turmoil and conflicts hamper a process now made necessary – that of readapting to her new life. It is impossible for her to disguise her pain when she attempts to narrate emotions.

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

Photobucket Pictures, Images and Photos

follow @Como_Esquecer.

Por Redação
Publicado em 15/07/2010 às 17:08


Crédito: Divulgação
Cartaz do filme

“Como Esquecer”, filme dirigido por Malu De Martino, tem estreia confirmada para outubro em circuito nacional.

Esta semana, foi divulgado o cartaz do longa-metragem, que traz Ana Paula Arosio, Murilo Rosa, Natália Lage, Arieta Corrêa, Bianca Comparato e Pierre Baitelli no elenco. O filme trata, sem estereótipos, de sentimentos universais como a perda de um grande amor, amizade e recomeço.

Em "Como Esquecer", Júlia (Ana Paula Arosio) é uma professora de literatura inglesa, que luta para reconstruir sua vida depois de viver uma intensa e duradoura relação amorosa com a enigmática Antônia. Hugo (Murilo Rosa), seu grande amigo, também gay, é quem tira Júlia do seu isolamento e tenta trazê-la de volta à vida.

Uma história instigante que fala de pessoas comuns enfrentando os desafios de superar as dores do passado e buscando uma nova chance de encontrar a felicidade. O filme estreia em outubro em circuito nacional (Rio, São Paulo, Porto Alegre, Curitiba, Belo Horizonte, Brasília, Salvador e Recife). Depois seguirá para as outras capitais e cidades do interior.

Para aproximar o público do filme, a produtora EH! Filmes está fazendo uma campanha de divulgação pela internet através do contato com diversos blogs e sites e do uso das redes sociais.

follow @Como_Esquecer


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