The 17th edition of the environmental group's ranking of the greenest electronics firms brings an overhaul of methodology, new companies and a new global leader in Hewlett-Packard.
Hewlett-Packard earned the top spot in part for its greenhouse gas disclosure and its sustainable paper practices -- both areas where HP earned all three possible points in the category.
New on the list, and starting out at the bottom, is the BlackBerry maker RIM. The company scored at or near the bottom for all categories of criteria except disclosing its emissions and its practice on avoiding conflict minerals in its products.
The rankings for the 17th Guide to Greener Electronics are as follow:
  1. HP, 5.9 out of 10
  2. Dell, 5.1
  3. Nokia, 4.9
  4. Apple, 4.6
  5. Philips, 4.5
  6. Sony Ericsson, 4.2
  7. Samsung, 4.1
  8. Lenovo, 3.8
  9. Panasonic, 3.6
  10. Sony, 3.6
  11. Sharp, 3.0
  12. Acer, 2.9
  13. LGE, 2.8
  14. Toshiba, 2.8
  15. RIM, 1.6