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terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

SCARY U.S. hospital waste turns linen hotel in Pernambuco, Brazil

Duty | 18/10 21h23 to National Journal, The Globe

SAO PAULO - linen thrown away by American hospitals were being used in a hotel in Pernambuco. The CDC came to find such material in various cities of Pernambuco, during inspection. It all started after the seizure of containers at the Port of Suape with 46 tons of medical waste from the United States last week.

Pillowcases, sheets and pajamas used in U.S. hospitals - including secretions - served, among other raw materials in the factory of the Empire Pocket Lining. There were also material from the Department of Veterans of the USA.

The company suspected of importing the material already had three warehouses visited by the Health Surveillance. In all rags were found with alleged blood stains. On Monday, 15 tons were seized in Caruaru.

In the city of Timbaúba Sheets are freely sold in a store in the city center. Some have spots and are mixed with other fabrics.

In a hotel in the city, Stillus, the beds in the rooms were tidy beds with sheets of American hospitals. The owner purchased the material revealed that the trade of the city for at least two years.

- I never imagined. I bought the innocent, as anyone who was buying too - Marcondes says Mendes.

The seized material comes from an American company of South Carolina Pernambuco Governor Eduardo Campos demanded punishment of those responsible.

- We have 22,000 companies in the clothing manufacture who are suffering today because of the irresponsibility that comes from the United States and also here. An irresponsibility that needs to be severely punished.


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