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terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

Minister of Sport (Brazil) Orlando Silva cash purchase land on pipeline from Petrobras, the wages at the time of purchase R $ 10,748, 43 monthly, paid the land in sight


View 2010 Land purchased by the Minister, today's house under construction at the siteView 2010 Land purchased by the Minister, today's house under construction at the site18/10/2011 - 7:00 a.m.Ricardo PerroneIn Campinas (SP)In August 2010, Orlando Silva Júnior bought for $ 370,000, a land in the district of Sousa, in Campinas (SP). By area of ​​approximately 90 000 m² is a gas pipeline from Petrobras.THE OTHER SIDE

Daniel Marenco / Folhapress Orlando Silva Júnior said the UOL Sports on the ground that the district Sousas bought in Campinas. He says there is no risk because the construction of the pipeline from Petrobras. It also claims ignore the possibility of expropriation in the area.

READ THE STATEMENTS OF THE MINISTER ON THE CASESilva, who is Minister of Sport since 2006 and receiving at the time of purchase R $ 10,748, 43 monthly, paid the land in sight. According to a document obtained by this reporter, he used cashier-mode which allows the use of the check without paying your own move. Through his press office, however, he gave another version. He claimed to have paid the land with a personal check.The company's own documents show that there are plans for changes in the ducts located in the State of São Paulo, generating high risk of expropriation. An employee Atibaia Hills condominium, where the property is located, told the UOL Sport that the team of a company that works for the oil was there recently. He warned that the first land to the left of the ordinance will undergo a partial expropriation. The goal is to prevent contamination.The site of the minister is just the first on the left. Silva Junior bought land that took more than a year to be sold. He began building a house near the pipeline.HAND IN HANDPetrobras is a strong partner of the Ministry of Sports. In August, the project put into practice Sport and Citizenship in partnership with the ministry. Will invest $ 30 million in educational sports.Haroldo Borges Rodrigues Lima - Director-General of the National Petroleum Agency, the PC is a member of B and Bahia, as well as Sports Minister.Ana Cristina Petta - Actress, wife of Minister of Sports, is a member of the Brass Company, the theater group sponsored by Petrobras.The PDD (Pipeline Master Plan), prepared in 2007 shows that one of the concerns of Californians are leaving Petrobras pipelines that pass through the state of the neighbors to further reduce risks of accidents. The document indicates that the distance to the ducts should increase, which will force changes."In order to reduce the interference of people in bands, the project PDD / SP will adopt a new pipeline corridor concept, which consists of the deployment pipeline ranges in large widths (approximately 60 meters), providing a greater distance between communities and bands, "says section of the report produced by Petrobras for four years.Increase the range forcing the company to pay to the owner of the area to use a greater portion of the land. It's what can happen with a piece of property of the minister. These foreclosures are usually made in negotiations between the owners and the company.MINISTER FACES SERIES OF COMPLAINTSOrlando Silva, will be on Tuesday at 14.30, the National Congress to defend himself from accusations of corruption made over the weekend by Veja magazine and the Fantastic, the Globo network. The magazine brought the testimony of John Dias Ferreira military accused him of having received "a cardboard box full of bills of $ 50 and $ 100 in the garage of the ministry." Silva said he was innocent and vowed to sue the PM, which is arrested. Fantastico already had suspicions about NGO activity Pra Frente Brazil, led by former basketball player Karina Rodriguez. The entity has an agreement of $ 28 million with the ME and there are accusations of misuse of public money. Silva asked investigation into the case.Silva Junior, but he was unaware of the risk of foreclosures in your area. It also says not know about the changes proposed by PDD.Anyway, who, like Silva Junior, Petrobras is in transit, the former partner of the Ministry of Sports, you can get a better price in the negotiation with the company. The minister further approached the company over the issue of pipelines Itaquera. He signed as witness the letter of intent between Corinthians and Odebrecht for the construction of Itaquerão.In addition, Ana Cristina Petta, his wife, is part of a theater company sponsored by Petrobras. It is not alone. The National Petroleum Agency, which regulates the activities of the area is controlled by the party of the minister. Haroldo Borges Rodrigues Lima, director general of the NPA is a member of Bahia and PC B, as Silva Junior.DOCUMENTS

Play The minister and his wife bought the land from a Belgian couple who was represented by an attorney
Play This amount was paid in cash by Orlando Silva Jr. with a cashier's check, as shown by the report of the document obtained YouTube Sports
Reproduction Signature of Minister in the document of purchase
Play The company paid the Belgian couple who owned a lot better price in relation to agreed with Silva Junior, in an indication of the area to be transformed into a right of way or inappropriate may be a good deal even for those who have no contacts the company. The oil paid by U.S. $ 5.96 m², while the minister for each m² cost about $ 4.

In 2005, former owners received from Petrobras for the passage of the shaft, as shown in deed rectified and ratified after sale to the Minister
PUBLIC DEED OF PURCHASE AND SALEBefore the minister to buy it, the ground had already gone through three kinds of partial expropriation, calls of way. According to a certificate of property recorded in the 4th Official Property Registry of Campinas, Petrobras to former owners in 2005 for $ 54,297.91 R 9,095.87 m referring to three tracks of land.Petrobras's offer was better than that of Silva Junior, even though it was made five years earlier. Since then, there was a real estate boom, which seems to have been taken into account.Orlando made a deal in China compared with the available land in the same house, but next door. Without pipelines nearby, the properties range between $ 15 and $ 20 m² each, according to a report by the broker consulted. In this area, a land of 20 thousand square meters is being offered for $ 380,000, almost the same amount paid by the minister in 90,000 m².The same broker says the area acquired by Silva Junior is worth less because of a steep, having lots of ticks and by the time he was stranded.Although few houses nearby, the lot selected by the minister does not favor those who seek tranquility to spend the weekend with the family. Stay in front of a fishing boat, causing great drive on Saturdays and Sundays. The site is fairly difficult to access, with a 9 km stretch of dirt road.The negotiation with Petrobras is detailed in the deed of purchase and sale of the property to the minister and his wife, dated August 13, 2010. The document is written that the transaction between the Belgians and the oil had not been notarized, which only happened in November of that year.The scripture that concludes the sale to Smith Junior has a clause that states that Petrobras may use your track on the ground for the installation of pipelines, protection of themselves and other facilities. That is, new works are not discarded on site.The targets set by the Pipeline Master Plan transform the area in which the property is in a minister's appeal to the operations of Petrobras. The project includes deactivation of pipelines in densely populated areas and shows great concern for the neighborhood.The condo is where Silva Junior is building farms. Your site is the first on the route of the pipelines in the condominium. The minister denied that his property be a condominium. In fact, the deed does not mention it.However, the story of UOL Sports was there. To reach the ground, had to go through the gate 3 of the Condominium Atibaia. On the wall of the ordinance was placed a paper with the name of all residents. In the pen, because they are more recent, appear and Ana Cristina Silva Junior. The patent does not appear ministry. However, employees know that the owner of the land in front of Lot 07 commands the Ministry of Sports, despite claiming never to have seen accomplished by the owner there.18/10/2011The Minister of Sport and brothers in the PF TeixeiraWhile in Brasilia is announced that the Federal Police investigate serious allegations against the Minister of Sport Orlando Silva Jr. at the request of himself in Rio inquiry was initiated by the Federal Police to investigate the allegations of money laundering through the company Sanudo, against Ricardo Teixeira and his brother, William Tan.And the officer in charge of coordinating investigations against the president of the CBF and his brother is Victor Poubel, Chief of Police to Combat Crime financially, with extensive sheet of good service when he headed the PF and in Niterói area of ​​combating organized crime oversight of the PF in RioIt is also the delegate who is investigating Poubel player Emerson, the Sheik, the Corinthians, also for money laundering and tax evasion.Emerson has been heard and the brothers Teixeiras should be questioned soon.Since the minister Orlando Silva Jr. is said to be perplexed by a bandit accused, although former militant of his party.And the minister did not seem surprised by his ministry have made an agreement with such a villain in NGOs linked to PCdoB, incidentally, another of many NGOs associated with the Party of the minister who are partners in the program second time, which turned the third.The minister would prefer that the complaint came from the Cardinal Archbishop of Brasilia.Comment for the Journal of CBN this Tuesday, October 18, 2011.Kfouri by Joey at 06:55City of Campinas is called to explain partnership with NGOsOctober 18, 2011 • 8:32 a.m. to 8:36 a.m. • updatedMary Rose de Souza

Direct CampinasCouncilman Campinas (SP) Rafael Zimbaldi (PP) has filed Monday in a request for clarification from the Municipal Sports City covenants with the NGO Pra Frente Brazil, a member of the Second Half project, the Ministry of Sports. The request comes after the disclosure by Veja magazine and the Fantastic program of suspected irregularities in contracts with the municipalities of São Paulo through the NGO, based in Jaguariuna (30 km from Campinas), and managed by former player Councilwoman basketball and Karina Rodriguez (PCdoB).The NGO would be the biggest beneficiary of the Ministry of Sport and would have received $ 28 million. According to Alderman, is necessary to clarify how they work in the city after suspected by the press on the allocation of resources from the federal government and the municipality for social projects.Dangerous relationshipsThe Municipal Secretary of Sports of Campinas is Gustavo Petta, affiliated to PCdoB and brother of the Minister of Sports. His sister, Ana Cristina Petta, is married to Silva. Both worked in the student movement and was president of the National Students Union (UNE). The family ties are revealed also in Campinas minister's commitment to making the city one of the branch offices of the World Cup 2014. The most recent event that was attended by Silva was a bike ride at the opening of portions of a cycle lanes.The ministry also allocated $ 15 million to the Center of High Performance Sports, a sports conglomerate that is being built in an area of ​​163,000 m², with a total cost of $ 30 million. Condominium located in the Swiss Park in Anhanguera highway, along with housing and office condominiums Commercial volor, the complex will have Olympic swimming pool, tennis courts, gymnasium, jogging track, with special soil, area for athletics and the Olympic Village. According to the ministry, the High Performance Sports Center will be the unit representative of the Southeast, since projects are underway in Maringá (PR), Recife (PE), Manaus (AM) and Goiânia (GO).CounterpointsThe Municipal Secretary of Sports of Campinas, Gustavo Petta, was not available at City Hall. The advisor told him that the request for clarification of the House had not yet come to the folder, but assured that the questions will be answered as soon as possible. The councilor Karina Rodriguez was not in his office in the House on Monday and the office of the NGO Pra Frente Brazil was informed that she could only speak on behalf of the entity.Ticket indicates apportionment of funds directed for SportPosted on 18.10.2011 at 7:27 a.m.One note of 12 lines written in 2003 records the mobilization of PC B in search of funds from the Ministry of Sports, after winning the party's command of the folder, which occurred that year. The note calls for the release of public money to local government by supporters and amendments to the then Leader of the Government in the House, Aldo Rebelo (PC do B-SP).The recipient is Ricardo Leyser, now secretary of the national high performance sport, strong man team minister Orlando Silva and PC B. In June 2003, Leyser was special assistant to the Minister Agnelo Queiroz. The sender are Fredo Ebling, member and employee of the party, appointed by the military police officer John Dias Ferreira is responsible for delivery of the money diverted from the folder through agreements with NGOsThe note records that the sender and recipient have in common: the party, which already had managers in the area of ​​sports in states and municipalities. Legend has five state secretaries and 22 other municipal secretaries. The account may be underestimated. The PC also has 42 B 66 mayors and vice mayors affiliated with the party."It is natural that the press secretaries to release the staff there is going to choke and telling is the ministry of the party. This is something quite natural in politics, there's nothing wrong, you do every day, "Fredo Ebling responded yesterday to recognize the ticket."If it was dirty, I would not have sent in writing, would have spoken in person," insisted Fred, who has 32 years of party. He currently works in the Communist Party leadership in the House and the B part of the Department of International Relations.Fredo Ebling met the man who denounced on account of party life. The military policeman John Dias was the candidate for deputy district B PC in 2006, when a vacancy Ebling played in the House. "He surrounds me now to try to give a veneer of truth to this madness, he is desperate." He said.At the time of the ticket, was chief of staff of government leadership. It argues that leadership role was to send requests for political allies of the government ministers. But there is no record of a request to another party in addition to PC B.Source: State Agency


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