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terça-feira, 18 de outubro de 2011

Government (BRAZIL) charges NGO R $ 26.5 million for deviations in Sports Ministry

18/10/2011 - 5:30 a.m.
The charge sheet today in return for money from irregular contracts of NGOs and governments with the Sports Ministry has increased 5,020% over the past five years, from R $ 44 thousand to $ 10 million, says report Dimmer Amora, published in the Folha this Tuesday (the full text is available to subscribers of the newspaper and YouTube, a company controlled by the Folha Group, which publishes the sheet).Among the irregularities pointed out by the UGC (Comptroller General of the Union), responsible for analyzing the processes, are overpriced purchases, delivery of snacks in quantities below the planned hiring of contractors and partners connected with the very NGOs that received funding from the ministry.Minister denies irregularities and says he is denouncing 'criminal'Dilma NGOs called for greater rigor in monitoring the case and saysPF opens inquiry into charges against ministerPM accuses Minister Orlando Silva mounting corruption schemeIn all, 67 agreements of the Ministry of Sports was considered irregular, amounting to R $ 26.5 million.The Minister of Sports, Orlando Silva, is accused of participating in a scheme of embezzlement Second Half of the program, which provides funding to NGOs to encourage young people to play sports. The charge was made to the magazine "Look" by military police officer John Dias Ferreira.Alan Marques - 17.out.2011/FolhapressMinister Orlando Silva during an interview in BrasiliaMinister Orlando Silva during an interview in BrasiliaAccording to Ferreira, the minister would have received cash in the garage of the folder, which Smith denied. As an official police magazine, Celio Soares Pereira, said he delivered money to the minister himself in the garage of the ministry in Brasilia, at the end of 2008.Yesterday, in an interview in Brasilia, Silva has denied involvement in irregularities in the folder, who heads since 2006, and defended the program Second Half.The Sports Ministry reported by noting that the growth of requests for return of money on irregular agreements is the result of constant monitoring and enforcement.It said the work is done in partnership with the control agencies to "ensure the correct use of public resources."Editorial / Art FolhapressRead more on this edition of Sheet Tuesday, which is already on newsstands.


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