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segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

Phonetic Alphabet: Translate Words & Sentences Into Phonetic Alphabets

In radio communication, sometimes your speech cannot be heard clearly because of the static. So to spell out words, a certain set of phonetic alphabets is used. Phonetic alphabets are also called IPA, NATO Phonetic Alphabet or radio alphabet. Using a site called Phonetic Alphabet, you can easily convert entire sentences into phonetic alphabets.

translate into phonetic alphabet

Phonetic Alphabet is a free to use online tool that helps convert sentences into phonetic alphabets. No registration is required for you to use the app. All you have to do is visit the website and type in a sentence. Each word in the sentence is broken down into phonetic alphabets with each line dedicated for a single word.

Here is how the sentence “I like ice cream” will look.

The site also provides instructions on how to incorporate the tool into your own blog or website.


  • A user-friendly web app.
  • Lets you convert sentences into phonetic alphabets.
  • Conversion is clear, with each line separating a word in your sentence.
  • Provides instructions on how to embed tool.
  • Similar tool: Overthephone.

Check out Phonetic Alphabet @ http://jota.uniq.com.au/radio/phonetic.html (By Umar from AllThatIsApple)


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