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segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

dotEPUB: Save Any Webpage As ePub Document

ePub is a format commonly used for eBooks. These files get an actual .epub extension and can be used on any eBook reader, tablet and most smartphones and computers. dotEPUB is a web tool that lets you convert webpages into ePub documents so you can read them on your favorite device.

You can use dotEPUB as a browser bookmarklet for Chrome, Safari, Firefox or even as a Chrome extension. Simply click on the button and the tool will convert the webpage being viewed to an ePub document. You can also use a widget to install this conversion service on your website, thereby allowing your website visitors to convert your webpage into an ePub document. These documents can easily be transferred or emailed to your tablet or eReader.

save webpage as epub


  • Download web pages as ePub documents.
  • Works with all major browsers.
  • Webmasters can install as a widget.

Visit dotEPUB @ http://dotepub.com [Via FreeTech4Teachers]


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