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segunda-feira, 7 de novembro de 2011

Marie Curie #Google #Doodle honors two-time Nobel Prize winner


Google will celebrate Marie Curie’s 144th birthday.

Marie Curie’s Google Doodle is now up and running in Asia and Australia today, and will hit the US Google website on Monday, November 7, to celebrate the famous chemist’s 144th birthday.
The Marie Curie Google Doodle is a simple jpeg file, featuring the tweaked Google logo with a very-made Marie Curie painting.
Google honors Madam Marie Curie's 144th birthday, on November 7th, 2011
Google honors Madam Marie Curie's 144th birthday, on November 7th, 2011
Marie Curie was te 2-time Nobel prize winner famous for her research on radioactivity. Curie has been honored by Nobel awards committee twice, first was in 1903 for Physics, and 1911 in Chemistry. According to Nobel Prize Award’s official website, Curie is the only woman among the 43 women Nobel Prize winners to ever win twice.
She was born in Warsaw, the capital and the largest city of Poland on November 7, 1867 and studied in Paris where she met Pierre Curie, a laboratory instructor. Marie and Pierre shared her Nobel Prize in Physics in 1903 for the couple’s “Radiation Phenomena” research together with French physicist Henri Becquerel.
In 1906, Pierre Curie was killed in a street accident, and apparently, Marie was devastated by the death of her husband. Marie Curie took over the full authority over the laboratory left by her husband, and became the first woman professor in Sorbonne (University of Paris).
In 1911, Marie Curie received her second Nobel award, now in Chemistry “in recognition of her services to the advancement of chemistry by the discovery of the elements radium and polonium, by the isolation of radium and the study of the nature and compounds of this remarkable element.”
After World War 1, Curie toured the United States to raise funds for research on radium.
On 4 July 1934, the 66th year old Marie Curie died in France aplastic anemia from her exposure to radiation.
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