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terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

Get in the Game: Twitter Allows FImpunidad + Corrupciónans in Ladue and Frontenac to Play Ball

We can't all make it to Busch Stadium to cheer on the St. Louis Cardinals in the home stretch. That's where your social networks come into play.

I'll say it right off the bat: I am not a big sports fan. Yes, I feel a sense of satisfaction when the Cardinals win, especially in the current World Series. I get slightly more excited (and a bit smug) when my alma mater, Michigan State University, beats the University of Michigan in any sport.
I am not among those who worship at the altar of sports. I am, however, an enthusiatic adherent of the religion of Twitter when it comes to engaging in real-time conversation. And, I have been intrigued by the ways in which sports fans use Twitter to interact during major sporting events.
Twitter and the big games
In July, an ESPN.com article reported the final moments of the face-off between the American and Japanese women saw "saw Twitter experience an unprecedented 7,196 tweets per second, setting a new record and topping major international news stories such as the death of Osama Bin Laden and April's royal wedding."
Even before Super Bowl XLV got underway in February, there was plenty of advice for fans wanting to get in on the action. A Shoutlet.com article cited data predicting that 68 percent of adults ages 18 to 34 would be online during the game. The article also provided a primer on pre-game social networking warm-ups.
BrandChannel.com touted Super Bowl XLV as the moment that "social media and traditional media came together on the Super Bowl field and scored a touchdown."
The lineup of Super Bowl ads brought members of the social media world to a sort of frenzy during the game. A Mashable.com article reports there were around 70,000 Tweets about the top three commercials.
Lost Remote rounded up social media highlights and lowlights during the game, including a burst of Tweets critiquing the halftime show performance of the Black Eyed Peas.
Catch Cardinals (or Rangers) fever, virtually
It's a bit painful to look back at the creeping (and Tweeting) dismay of Cardinals fans as it became clear the Rangers would tie the series Sunday night.
Here are a few selections from St. Louis Twitter-verse:
  • @dgoold: Pujols makes history one night, Jackson echoes the next. Sevenwalks. Remember where you were when it happened. #worldseries #stlcards
  • @kgreenbaum (my Patch colleague): Apparently it is too much to ask for the #cardinals to just have devastating pitching. #worldseries
  • @TVGmediaguy: The bright side of this #WorldSeries Game 4; Carp pitches tomorrow in Game 5 & Game 6 is Wed in #StLouis.
A former student of mine, and Texas fan, Tweeted at the end of the Sunday game:
  • @jvandenberge: What a beautiful moment there... Holland exits the game to an opus of raucous, electric cheers. #Rangers #WorldSeries
The morning after the Rangers tied the series with the Cardinals, I saw Twitter critiques of players' performances, tips from odds-makers, and sheer Cardinals optimism.
Here are a few of my favorites in the third category:
  • @CardsInsider: Good omen for today: Exactly 5 yrs ago in Gm 3 of the '06 #worldseries Chris Carpenter shutout Detroit over 8.0 scoreless #stlcards
  • @jonmorosi: This #WorldSeries is destined to go 7 games -- with the #STLCards taking Game 5. 
  • @TortyCraig: Our #STLCards only need 2 more wins to make it #11in#11. I believe se can it in St. Louis!
  • @Scott_Bierman: How do I know the #STLCards will win tonight? They have not lost back-to-back games in over a month. #WorldSeries #MLB #Rangers.
And a random observation:
  • @bjmack: Just saw the word "wispy" used to describe Holland's 'stache. The doesn't quite fit. What works better? #stlcards #rangers #worldseries
Get your Tweet on for Game 5
These hashtags will help you engage in Twitter conversations about the World Series as the action heads into the home stretch.
  • Cardinals
  • WorldSeries
  • StlCards
  • 11in11
  • Rangers


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