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terça-feira, 25 de outubro de 2011

Coming Soon: Canon Pixma Pro-1 Intros All-New Ink System For Photo Printing

By Matthew Lentini | Tuesday | 25/10/2011
Canon has just announced a new benchmark model for its gallery-quality photo printers with a world-first new ink system that features 12 separate inks.

The new flagship model in Canon's Pixma range, the Pixma Pro-1 is an A3+ printer made specifically for high-quality photo printing.

The Pixma Pro-1 is set to hit Australian stores in early November, retailing at $1499.

The new unit ups its predecessors with the 12-ink system that Canon tips to boost the colour range. The cartridges include two separate blacks for photo and matte finishes, three greys, six colours (two types of cyan, two magentas, a yellow, and red) and a ‘Chroma Optimiser' for increasing black density and making the glossiness uniform.

The five monochrome inks come with Canon's promise of reproducing professional quality black and white prints with highly detailed shadowed and highlighted areas as well as smooth tonal gradation and suppressed graininess.

The new printer will take resolutions of up to 1200 dots per square inch (up from the 600 DPI of older Pixma printers) and push out prints at up to 4800 x 2400 DPI, so high-megapixel cameras will have their time to shine here.

On the practical side, the Pro-1 will spit out a high-resolution A3 print in under three minutes as spruiked by the company, down from the closer-to-eight minute mark set by the Pixma Pro9500 MKII.

No word on cartridge costs, though the ink tank sits at 2.5 times the size of its most similar Pixma model, so there should be a longer gap between refills.


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