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quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

#corruption In eight years Brazilian officials skimmed 37.7bn dollars from government coffers

Brazilian officials skimmed at least a staggering equivalent of 37.7bn dollars from government coffers in just eight years of corruption cases from 2003-2010, the Rio do Janeiro daily O Globo reported, based on numbers from the country’s Public Accounts ombudsman.

The period corresponds to the eight years of Lula da Silva

Citing federal documents of the office in charge of trying to recover the funds, the report said that it only managed to recover in the eight years, 845 million dollars.
The figures however pale in comparison to another new estimate: newsmagazine Veja on Sunday cited the influential Sao Paulo chamber of industries as saying a jaw-dropping more than 400 billion dollars are thought to have been stolen from the government and taxpayers in the past 10 years. This is equivalent to 2.3% of Brazil’s GDP annually.
Four ministers in President Dilma Rousseff's cabinet have been forced to step down amid corruption allegations in just three months.
A fifth minister Orlando Silva from Sports and responsible for 2014 World Cup organization and logistics was accused of graft and kickbacks. Even when President Rousseff confirmed him in the job, Silva is being investigated by the Federal Police and Justice.


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