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quinta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2011

Daily Wrap-Up: Klout Scores Plummet, Jux Comes to iPad and More

klout_biglogo_150x150.jpgKlout's algorithms have recently depressed scores for many users. Jux released an iPad app. All of this and more in today's Daily Wrap.
Sometimes it's difficult to catch every story that hits tech media in a day, so we thought it might be helpful to wrap up some of the most talked about stories. Assuming this goes over well, we're going to give you a daily recap of what you missed in the ReadWriteWeb Community, including a link to some of the most popular discussions in our offsite communities on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus as well. This is a new feature at ReadWriteWeb so we covet your feedback. If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments below or reach out to me directly at robyn at readwriteweb.com.


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