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quinta-feira, 20 de outubro de 2011

World Cup: Corruption Brazil's Ministry of Sports renews agreement that never got off the front with an entity

Ministry of Sports renews agreement that never got off the front with an entity
Reporting from the 'state' again New Range (GO), where for 8 months found the existence of shell entity that signedOctober 20, 2011 | 1h 00Leandro Colon / Brasilia

The Ministry of Sports extended until August 2012 an agreement of $ 911,000 According to the program time with an entity that front, despite having signed the contract in December 2009, the project never carried out in the vicinity of the Federal District. The agreement ghost, used as electioneering PC B in 2010, was unveiled by the State in February this year. The ministry ignored the suspected fraud.The renewal was published less than two months, on 25 August, the Executive Secretary of the ministry, Waldemar Souza, and the National Secretary for Educational Sports, Wadson Ribeiro, two henchmen of the minister Orlando Silva.The contract is with the Institute for the Development of Children and Adolescents (IDEC), an entity registered with the home of his master, Ranieri Gonçalves, New Range, the city of Goias region of DF which has voters voting in the federal capital. At the time of publication of the report of the State, Orlando Silva announced the opening of inquiry and promised to "investigate and punish."The report came back on Wednesday, 19, to the site and found no change: there, the second time is still only promise. At the end of last night, the Sports Ministry said it decided to terminate the contract and ask for a refund of £ 393 000 already released. The cancellation of the agreement, however, was not officially in the Official Gazette (DOU), despite the advice of the folder to say that this decision was made last week. The owner of the NGOs, however, the report said that the agreement is in effect.About 2 200 children met entry forms and even today, more than 21 months after the agreement signed, awaiting the start of the program. In addition to appearing in overtime, the name of Wadson Ribeiro, former president of the National Students Union (UNE) and affiliated with the PC do B, is also mentioned as responsible for signing the agreement on December 31, 2009.In search of votes of voters who live in New DF range, the communist Apollinaris Rebelo (brother of Deputy Aldo Rebelo) visited the New Range in the campaign of 2010, when they celebrated winning the Second Half for locals. At the time, Apolinario said the project got the "friend" Ranieri Gonçalves, president of Idec, entity benefited.Exactly eight months, on 20 February, the State revealed that the agreement never came to pass. He showed, for example, on the outskirts of the city was a wasteland where it should be a football field.On Wednesday, to find the extension of the agreement, the story is back in town and found that the scenario has not changed. The football field there. Children who remain enrolled without receiving the program, including the boy Rafael dos Santos Lima, 12 years, the character of the February report. He and his friends play soccer on a street with an earthen floor, next to the ground where they should play sports. "We have charged, but so far not received the Second Half Program. This area was to have a football field, "said Sonia Pessoa, head of the association of neighborhood residents.The owner of Idec, Gonçalves Ranieri admitted that the second time was never performed by him and blame the ministry. "The ministry has to say 'begins." After the February report reveal that his organization was a front, Ranieri put a plaque with the name of the IDEC on the doorstep. On Wednesday, threatened to report.Of the R $ 911 thousand expected, R $ 787 thousand are from the government and the rest should be the consideration. The first installment of $ 393,000, was released more than 17 months. The contract ended in March, but was extended until August. On the 25th of that month, a new renewal until August 2012, was published in the Federal

20/10/2011 - 3:06 a.m.Luana LawrenceReporter Agency BrazilBrasília - In testimony of more than seven hours to the federal police, military police officer John Dias Ferreira, who made allegations about the existence of a corruption scheme involving the Ministry of Sports Minister Orlando Silva, said on leaving the building confirmed that the PF the charges and of the evidence presented that demonstrate the participation of the minister and officials of the first and second ranks in the scheme of misuse of public money.In a report published by Veja magazine on Saturday, Ferreira reported a corruption scheme in Second Half Program, which transfers funds to encourage sports among low-income children. According to the complaint, the minister himself would have taken money off the program in exchange for the release of funds for NGOs. The scheme would have moved more than $ 40 million in eight years.Ferreira did not detail the evidence that was presented to the federal police, but added that new documents and tapes that prove the corruption scheme will be delivered next Monday (24). "It will be a knockout," he said. Seundo him, among the evidence were records, accounts and audit reports of fraudulent and false dates.The officer also said he presented a list of the PF at least 15 people involved in the scheme that can help prove the allegations of deviations from the Second Half Program. Listed are the Ministry of Sports officials and leaders of organizations that received the transfers. The aforementioned will be called to testify, according to Ferreira. The PF did not comment on the affidavit.In interviews and testimony to Congress on Sunday (16), Orlando Silva has denied the allegations and tried to discredit the complainant. On Tuesday (18) in the House, the minister called Ferreira of "disqualified", "criminal" and "criminal.""The minister says I have no proof, but I'm very quiet. Who needs to become concerned as of now it is because I'm here giving evidence at the Federal Police and also go to the Attorney General's Office. "Ferreira said he asked police protection, but there was no negotiation of whistleblower awards. The officer was arrested last year by Operation Shaolin, the Federal District Civil Police, investigating fraud in the transfer of resources from the Second Half. Ferreira, who ran a combination of kung-fu is accused of diverting $ 2 million from the program.Edition: Beloved AécioPC B will fall shootingThe previously circulated behind the scenes of Brasilia was said publicly by Senator Inácio Arruda (PC do B-CE), during the speech of the Minister of Sports, Orlando Silva, the Senate on Wednesday. The party rocked by revelations of a corruption scheme in the Ministry of Transport, has shown that will not fall alone. The main targets: PT and PMDB.The summit of the legend had led to the presidency a message that a drop of Orlando Silva can tow the governor of the Federal District, Agnelo Queiroz (PT), former minister of and responding to a survey in the Superior Court of Justice (STJ) to investigate fraud in the Second Half same program - which incidentally, can lead to a unified survey of the Supreme Court (STF), said as the attorney general's office, Roberto Gurgel, on Wednesday.The threat was, until now, veiled tone. At the hearing of the Senate has become more consistent. Senator Inácio Arruda who questioned the interested expel Orlando Silva's ministry on the eve of events like the 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympics. He noted that the PC do B gained political muscle and turned into the window. "We're about to turn 90 years old because we buy we run and fight all the battles in the political and ideological. Otherwise, we would not have 90 years. We would not be here. It's because we we run, "said Arruda.You expect to see the next moves. And the next targets.Ex-affiliated campaign shows deviations for the PC do BContact former sports director of Dawn (RS) accuses Secretary to use funds left over from programs to fund campaign Manuela D'AvilaAdriana CaitanoFor Manuela D'Avila, the election has already begun: "I think the end to make any inference that involves me" For Manuela D'Avila, the election has already begun: "I think the end to make any inference that involves me" (Rodolfo Stuckert / Agency Board)A letter released on Wednesday further complicates the situation of the PC do B In a text written by hand in May 2010, Marcio Taylor, former director of sports Gaucho city of Dawn, 27 kilometers from the capital, Porto Alegre, claims to have been no diversion of public funds from the city to the campaign of Congresswoman Manuela Avila (PCdoB). In this week's edition, Veja revealed a corruption scheme involving the Minister of Sports, Orlando Silva, the same party.The document was seized by the Civil Police of Rio Grande do Sul during Operation Top Hat, initiated in July and investigating deviations amounting to 30 million reais from eight cities in the state. His entry was posted on Wednesday in the newspaper Zero Hora. A spokesperson for the police Gaucho confirms the existence of the letter, but does not comment on its contents.In it, Taylor, who was affiliated with the PCdoB at the time, said the secretary of Youth and Sports of Dawn, Nelson Flores da Silva, have a recording that could prove what he said: the secretary, the same legend, threatened to dismiss him if he not give him the money he had left sector projects.In the text, he cites two programs whose office remains diverted by Flores totaled 15,000 dollars. "You said that I could remove if I keep bringing this money and even the mayor knew that his way of getting money for the department," says the former director.Read also:With weakened minister, Dilma takes the 2014 World CupSports still has many 'black boxes', says João DiasInformant schema in Sport will speak to the ChamberAnswers - During a press conference to local media on Wednesday, Secretary Nelson Flores said he was unaware of the existence of the letter and denied the charges. The mayor of Dawn, John Carlos Brum, also claims ignore the text and decided to open an administrative process to investigate the case.According to the press office of Brum if the authenticity of the letter and the information contained in it are confirmed, those responsible will be removed from office and punished.The official site of the PC do B, the party claims that the party's election campaign in Rio Grande do Sul had even contribution coming of Dawn. "It's an attempt to seize the moment to attack the national political Ms Manuela Avila, who now leads all the polls on voting intentions for City Hall of Porto Alegre," argues the caption.Ms Manuela D'Avila manifested itself in his personal blog, saying that Taylor will process Marcio civil and criminal libel. "I think the end to make any inference that involves me. But apparently, the election has begun. I regret that some option is the lie and attempt to destroy the honor of others. It is not mine. And never will be, "he said. "Who has to prove he is. Here we enter, corruption of 1500 real? It's pathetic, "he added, on Twitter.

Every hoe, a worm - Proposed $ 20 million more expensive bid wins in Sport

There I go with one of my maxims: "Every hoe, a worm!" When it comes to the Sports Ministry, the elementary logic makes no success. Read what Dimma inform Amora, Valente and Rubens Fernando Mello in Folha Online:*A proposed $ 20 million higher than previous offers over 12 rated the best in trading launched by the Ministry of Sports for the acquisition of 12 million t-shirts and shorts for the Second Time program, the current focus of complaints in the folder. The process of submitting tenders for the purchase of the material was closed last Friday, one day before the magazine "Look" disclose allegations of military police soldier of the Federal District against John Dias Ferreira Minister Orlando Silva.From the list the first 13 companies that made offers, 12 were disqualified under various allegations of the bidding commission, who claimed to satisfy rules of the announcement. The lowest bid was $ 60 million. What eventually sorted, the company Capricorn S / A, was R $ 80.8 million. The average unit prices of the items being purchased were well above those of the last purchase made by the ministry of gender, in 2009, according to figures presented by the leaf folder. The highest ranked offer R $ 8.56 pointed to Bermuda, from R $ 4.53 in 2009 (88.9% higher), R $ 5.66 for shirts for children, against $ 4.80 in 2009 (17.92%), and $ 10.87 for the shirts of the monitors, from R $ 7.30 two years ago (an increase of 48.9%).Second timeEarly in Second Half of the program, purchases of sporting goods were made by NGOs contracted by the ministry. There are criminal charges that these purchases were fictitious. In November 2009, the ministry has initiated an auction of 31 different types of sports equipment (including balls, rackets, whistles totaling more than 1 million pieces). Only a year later, the process ended within unusual. A first auction was canceled. In seconds, the VR Shoes Trade LTD won after four changes in the minutes (official record) of the process. In the first round of bidding the auction, the VR was the 15th worst price. After the elimination of all its competitors by the ministry, she became the first supplier for the price of the put.Competitors reported alleged fraud and called for the cancellation of the auction, claiming that the ministry allowed the VR change documents submitted after the end of bidding. In one year, the VR has received $ 27 million by the contract and became the second largest recipient of funds from the Second Half. The VR is in Three Hearts (MG) and their addresses are a furniture store closed recently acquired, and a small shoe store. Competitors are trying to challenge the bid claiming that only the VR will be able to present just the 2010 contract. The forecast now is that the supply will reach R $ 56 million. HereMoney for the NGO Councilwoman PCdoB grew amazingly in election yearsSo ... Do you know the NGO Bola Pra Frente, the one called "Pra Frente Brazil"? It belongs to the former basketball player Karina Robinson, Deputy Mayor of the city of São Paulo PCdoB of Jaguariúna. Your body is the absolute champion of funds from the Ministry of Sport: R $ 28 million in eight years! Of this total, she was able to commit $ 10 million just to buy snacks for the athletes ... You'll see it was a division of Zero Hunger, right? The company that provides food belongs to a friend. Without knowing he was being filmed, the man confessed to the fantastic story that is employed by Karina.This is the operating model of most of the NGOs in relation to the federal government: take the money and then tidy front company to justify spending. Well. Below are some data from the Transparency Portal, the federal government on the money that the Sports Ministry handed over to the NGO Karina. Listen up!2004 - R $ 233,409.502005 - R $ 1,249,217.002006 - R $ 2,706,332.402007 - R $ 1,847,030.602008 - R $ 8,504,099.002009 - R $ 175,499.302010 - R $ 12,118,660.60As you have noted, the money grows wildly in bold in the years: 2006, 2008 and 2010. What these years have special? ELECTIONS!Fact?Fact!For Reinaldo Azevedo/Orlando Silva says that will not render the SEE. And I also sayIn his Senate testimony, the minister Orlando Silva said:"I thought a lot about how far he would take legal action. Some have asked, 'Would not it be appropriate to sue the magazine? Journalist? 'I decided to sue the slanderers. For no doubt hover about the role that I see in the press in this country With this gesture, I appeal to that good journalism to flourish in Brazil. "Gee, that cool!I may be misunderstanding, but I guess not. It seems that the minister suggests that he just does not process the magazine because it is especially tolerant. Well, the country has a Constitution which deals with freedom of the press, is not it? Orlando Silva has the right to try to prosecute anyone. If the thing goes on, is another story.One thing is certain: good journalism flourishes in Brazil, despite the difficulties and the clamor of the henchmen of officialdom. I still remember the fuss: "How dare SEE Erenice publish this story about war?" If I'm not mistaken, someone promised to sue the magazine. I knew that did not happen. And then: "How dare you publish such a thing about Antonio Palocci, Pedro Novais, Wagner Rossi?"It always does.And so while there will be government, media and democracy. Those who promote press freedom and democratic values ​​should be grateful to the Constitution and the rule of law. Press freedom is not born of the generosity of the rulers.SEE were the press and generally do what they want the pterodactyls that flutter around, throwing their dirt on the primitive rule of law, journalism would live only applause. And all the public men fired for insubordination or incompetence would be in their respective positions, infelicitando Brazil.Silva will not process the SEE. Very good! It would be to process the fact. And the fact is that a man with an unusual traffic in PCdoB, the Ministry of Sports and the Federal District government makes heavy charges against the minister, who leads a folder fraught with irregularities that benefit PCdoB. This is not about any crazy, not related to the activities of Silva, which decided to listen.In closing, imagine if the Folha de S. Paulo was to establish every word of Roberto Jefferson to see if it was true or not ... Today we'd all employees involuntary gang leader ... Because now in power, liberals try to change what is routine in a democratic press of the world: when someone "inside" of a scheme gnaws the rope and out denouncing abuses in the public area, that, in principle, it is news. If the facts alleged, then, relates to a bunch ILLEGAL proven, then there's no question.That's why Orlando Silva will not process the SEE.For Reinaldo Azevedo

Military Police says it will take at least 15 new witnesses in testimony

Duty | Posted on 20/10/2011 at 00h08m
Demetrius Weber (demetrio@bsb.oglobo.com.br)

BRASILIA - After eight hours of testimony at the Federal Police, the author of

allegations of corruption in the Ministry of Sports, the military police

John Dias Ferreira, said at the end of the night of Wednesday to testify again on Monday, when they attempt to take at least 15 witnesses who he claims. According to him, are the owners of NGOs and ministry officials

that will help to prove the allegations involving the Minister of

Sports, Orlando Silva, in a corruption scandal.

John said on Wednesday handed over to the police recordings of conversations between members of the leadership of the ministry.

Over the weekend, Veja magazine published allegations that Orlando

Silva would have diverted money from the program second time, using NGOs

as a front.

Lula was Rousseff who proposed the retention of Orlando Silva and Wagner Rossi, the appointment of Antonio Palocci, the reappointment of Alfredo Nascimento and the annexation of the Tourism Ministry landowners José Sarney, an Uncommon Man. Dilma knew all too well. ("Better than me," Lula said more than once). Despite or because of this, called the successor to the five records for the first step. Proposal for a boss is order.When it was discovered that the rapist of bank accounts is also dealer of influence, the former president dropped in Brasilia to take command of the counter-offensive of sinners. As the hand stretched out over an embrace of Palocci drowned, went abroad to earn money with the letter that opened: it is the only speaker in the world that charges $ 100,000 for 40 minutes to repeat what we always said grace.Scalded by the fiasco, the protector of criminals pet is acting at a distance. If it were him, Alfredo Nascimento, Wagner and Peter Rossi Novais were still infiltrated the Esplanade of Ministries. On Tuesday, in a telephone conversation with Orlando Silva, Lula reminded the fellow who dumped the four remain in employment if they had strictly followed the requirements of the Hull Theory Hard. It recommended to the Minister in the act that resists plundered in office.The Penal Code, ethical standards, moral values, sense of honor, modesty, shame ─ none of that matters to the inventor of Brazil Wonder. Lula can see only two living species: the leading members of the sect and the rest. The first are outright absolved of all crimes they commit. ─ The others are enemies and should be treated as such.The Watergate informant who became famous as Deep Throat warned that the pair of Washington Post reporters arrive at the truth if it followed the money. To get to the source of impunity which confront the Brazil decent, just follow the godchildren in trouble. All lead to the same sponsor. For eight years, Lula has accumulated as head of government and head of a gang. In January, just left to head the government.


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