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sexta-feira, 21 de outubro de 2011


MINISTER SUPPORTS DILMA corrupt and NOT MATTER WITH POPULATIONCorruptionSport Orlando Silva is on - at least for nowDecision was announced after a meeting with President Rousseff, on Friday, on the plateau; SEE revealed corruption scheme in the folderLuciana Marques and Caroline DavisThe Minister of Sports, Orlando Silva, during testimony to lawmakers: the defense did not workThe Minister of Sports, Orlando Silva, during testimony to lawmakers: the defense did not work (Renato Araujo / Apr)The Minister of Sports, Orlando Silva, will remain in charge of the folder. At least for now. After meeting with President Rousseff late on Friday, the Presidential Palace, the minister informed the press that will not leave the post. "It is unacceptable for me to live with any kind of suspicion. I expressed my outrage to the President, my anger about these events and she suggested serenity and patience, but said they have confidence in our work, "he said. "She made recommendations that we continued to work, we continue fulfilling the commitments and the agenda of the ministry," he added.
The meeting lasted about an hour and a half. Asked if he would remain in front of office, the minister said he did not know "why question" since the charges are just "speculation" in their opinion. "The president has shown absolutely quiet, confident and attentive to the explanations that I did," said the minister."In public management may be a mistake. The role of public managers is to correct these errors," said the minister. He called the military police officer John Dias Ferreira, who accused him of participating in a scheme of corruption in the pulp, "slanderer." And he repeated that there is no evidence against him. "The detractors attacking me why do we fight the evils committed by them."
Orlando Silva's situation was complicated after SEE revealed on Saturday that the minister was the mentor of irregularities in the folder and received bribes in the garage of his ministry. He spent the week denying the accusations and calling the whistleblower scheme "bandit" without credibility. It was the House and Senate to testify. "They want to take the minister cry," complained on Thursday.
The survival of the communist in charge of the Ministry of Sport may not last long. The relationship between Orlando and Dilma Silva, an inherited by her minister Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, is not the quietest. Dilma demonstrates dissatisfaction with the work of the community and try to get him the lead in organizing the World Cup 2014. In view of the president, the minister was too close to the Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF).
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Corruption - in a report published this week shows that SEE's party Silva, PCdoB, organized within a folder structure to divert public money friends using NGOs as a cover. The funds should be used to encourage poor children to play sports, but I ended up gaining the pocket of the Communists. The scheme worked as follows: NGOs paid a rate of 20% of contract value to the party, which closed the agreement reached with them and suppliers of notes indicate cold fictitious costs to support the transfer.
According to the police officer John Dias Ferreira, whistleblower scheme, the agreement provides care to 5,000 children, but, at most, 500 attended. Often did not meet even one. Entities run by John Dias participated in the scheme and he was arrested by police in 2010 in Brasilia. According to the informer, the embezzled money was used by PCdoB to pay expenses of the 2006 presidential campaign.
Biography - Orlando Silva de Jesus Junior, is 40 years old, was born in Salvador (BA) and graduated in Law and Social Sciences. He came to the command of the Ministry of Sport in March 2006 during the government Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, after going through three other positions on the folder itself, the National Secretary of Sports, National Sports Education Secretary and Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Sports.
Before that, he served as a student leader - was president of the National Students Union (UNE), from 1995 to 1997, and the Union of Socialist Youth (UJS), from 1998 to 2001. It was also representative of the World Federation of Democratic Youth (WFDY).
In 2008, his name was involved in the scandal of corporate cards of the Lula government. We used the benefit for private use in restaurants without being fulfilling official agenda. After the complaints, said he had been mistaken and returned the money.
Falls in the series - have so far been dismissed government Dilma, for involvement in corruption, the ministers Antonio Palocci (Casa Civil), Alfredo Nascimento (Transport), Wagner Rossi (Agriculture) and Pedro Novais (Tourism). Nelson Jobim, then holder of Defense, came out publicly criticize the government.


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