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terça-feira, 1 de novembro de 2011

Taylor Swift's possible legal action over topless photo

This weekend, Celebrity Jihad posted a picture of a curly-haired blonde girl lying topless across a bed; doesn’t sound too strange, as this thing seems to happen quite often. However, what Jihad did that set the 20-year old singer off was claim that it was a leaked photo of Taylor Swift.

EW.com reported that shortly after the picture was posted, Swift’s legal team sent him a letter asking that the photo be taken down and insisting that it wasn’t Taylor.

To the singer’s dismay, the photo still remains up at Celebrity Jihad. The next step will most likely be a formal lawsuit.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Swift is currently in the middle of her North American "Speak Now" tour and has issued no comment regarding the photo.

This event follows a similar pattern to the Scarlett Johannson and Christina Aguilera hacker. However, the difference is the naked photo of Swift doesn’t actually exist.


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