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sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2012

Ocho rewards fan for tolerating years of Twitter silence

Say what you want about Chad Ochocinco, but the man is an original. Sure, he's been close to invisible this season in New England's offense, but that's not how he'll be remembered, at least not by one young fan.

College student Victor Gonzalez, one of Ocho's 3 million-plus followers on Twitter, has spent the past two years trying to elicit a response from the receiver online. Mired in a one-sided relationship for the ages, Gonzalez hit his breaking point last Sunday, according to FOXSports.com.
"Been tweeting you for two years and have not ever gotten a response," Gonzalez wrote.
And then it happened. Ocho wrote back.
"Damn 2 years? My bad. Want to come to the game saturday?"
It took the less-famous of the two very little time to respond and skillfully turn the table: "I would love to but i live in FLA. can you fly me out?"
Not a problem for Ochocinco, who promised to transport Gonzalez from his home in Fort White, Fla., up north in time for Saturday night's Patriots-Broncos divisional playoff game.

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"Bundle up young Jedi for it is cold here," Ocho tweeted Friday.
Gonzalez touched down safely in New England. Now they have entered into that blissful first stage of new friendship, where all the world is a carnival, with Ochocinco taking Gonzalez to Red Robin for dinner Friday, followed by a trip to pick up endless amounts of Patriots gear Saturday, before the kickoff at Gillette Stadium.
The lesson here: If you're in a one-sided relationship, especially with a celebrity who tends to ignore your advances, keep pushing.




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