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sábado, 14 de janeiro de 2012

Go On Location with Harry Potter

Visit Harry Potter's Special World All over Britain

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Now that the last of the Harry Potter films has made it to the screen, there are still plenty of fans - both kids and adults - who just can't say goodbye to the young wizard and his friends. Not to worry - there are plenty of ways to re-immerse yourself in Harry's magical world.
A new attraction, opening in March 2012, features real sets from the films. And, of course, many of the starring locales of the films were not sets at all but the wonderful scenery and history- soaked castles and cathedrals of the UK.
By now, everyone must surely know that Platform 9 3/4 from whence Harry Potter leaves for Hogwarts, is actually Platform 4 at London's King's Cross Station (the exteriors are the lovely St. Pancras Station Hotel). But Harry Potter locations are thick on the ground here in the UK. Have some fun and relive the memories by tracking these down.

1. Travel to Hogwarts over the Glenfinnan Viaduct on the West Highlands Railway

Glenfinnan Viaduct in the Western HighlandsGetty Images
Harry Potter regularly traveled across the dark forboding hills of the Western Highlands of Scotland on the way to Hogwards. The 42 mile stretch of rail, between Fort William and Mallaig, passes through much of the scenery seen in the films, including Ben Nevis-the highest mountain in Britain, Loch Shiel and Glen Nevis - backdrop for the Quidditch scenes. The journey takes about an hour and twenty minutes and costs (in 2011 prices - if booked well in advance) £6.50 each way.
Of course, without special film effects, it's a lot less menacing but the area has its own dark history. It was from Glenfinnan, about midway on the journey, that Bonnie Prince Charlie launched the ill-fated Jacobite Revolt in an attempt to put his father on the throne as James III. Few of the men who marched on London from here ever returned.
The impressive Glenfinnan viaduct that you travel over on this journey, crossing about 1,000 feet of the valley on 21 arches, reaching a height of about 100 feet, was the backdrop for the flying car sequence in "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets."
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Getting there: If you travel by train from Glasgow Queen Street to Mallaig, an advanced ticket costs about £15.50 each way and the trip takes about five hours and twenty mintues. At the end of it, you won't find Hogwarts though. Mallaig is a busy fishing and ferry port, the gateway to Skye and the Smaller Isles. A better option is to travel first to Fort William, at the base of Ben Nevis, stay over and then get a fresh start to enjoy the "Harry Potter" stretch of the journey.


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