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sábado, 21 de janeiro de 2012

5 Foods That Can Help Manage Blood Glucose

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Sweets spike blood glucose but these other foods can help you manage it

Not only do they help with glucose but they may minimize the effects of diabetes.

Diabetes runs in my family on both sides and when I was much younger I was diagnosed as hypoglycemic. That’s usually a precursor to diabetes.  So far I have been fortunate to not feel he effects of diabetes directly. Instead  I made dietary changes and researching nutrients a way of life which has helped so far.  Speaking of research, here are some of my favorite foods and how the help others manage blood glucose levels.

Not Just For Pizza, Onions and Garlic Actually Help Reduce Glucose

  • Onions – Research conducted suggests that the sulfur compound in onions, allyl propyl disulfide (APDS for short) helps control blood sugar spikes.  It helps the blood to transport glucose to cells, which is where they need to go to provide energy. For best  effects, onions need to be eaten raw because cooking may reduce the effects.
  • Garlic – Alternative medicine research conducted on rats suggested that diabetic rats treated with garlic extract experienced a decrease in blood glucose as well as lower systolic pressure (that’s the top number).

Beans Prevent Rapid Rise In Glucose Levels

The high fiber content in beans such as kidney provide slow burn energy which helps maintain steady  blood glucose levels because of their high fiber content. Researchers tested two groups. One group ate the The American Diabetic Association recommendation of dietary fiber of 24 grams/day while the second group ate 50 grams/day. The group that ate more fiber had lower levels of glucose and insulin.

Sweet Potatoes Help The Pancreas Deal With Blood Glucose

If you’ve ever looked at a sweet potato you’ll notice that it looks like a pancreas. That’s not a coincidence. Sweet potato, despite the name, has a  low glycemic index. For people with glucose intolerance and diabetes, foods with low GI are ideal because they release glucose slowly.

Make Pancakes Less Glucose- Challenging By Adding Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a very versatile spice that can be added to both sweet and savory dishes (like curry). It is also known to help manage glucose levels. Cinnamon mimics insulin and that how it helps regulate blood glucose. It contains a compound called methylhydroxychalcone polymer, or MHCP, which makes cells more responsive to insulin. Basically it increases insulin sensitivity which means glucose gets to cells instead of lingering in the blood. Insulin sensitivity relieves the burden on the pancreas so that it makes less insulin.  Be careful with this spice because in addition to helping with glucose, it’s also a natural blood thinner. Too much cinnamon can lead to serious health issues.

Get Your Glucose Levels Checked Regularly!

These are just some of the great foods out there that can help regulate and manage the effects of high blood glucose. As with anything, consult your doctor to make sure some of of these foods aren’t interacting with your medication if you are taking any to manage your glucose. Having unregulated high blood glucose can lead to many health complications in the present and the future so it’s a good idea to get it checked regularly especially if you have a family history of diabetes


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