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sábado, 1 de outubro de 2011

World Cup: Andres Sanchez admits Itaquerão the magazine that will cost more than $ 1 billion

President of the Corinthians says that only he, former President Lula da Silva and the strong man of Odebrecht know about the financial part of the stadium

01/10/2011 - 19:33

The cost of the stadium for Corinthians, which is under construction and is the leading candidate to be the opening World Cup 2014, will cost more than $ 1 billion, although it was officially announced with a value of $ 780 million. Who was the president himself assured the club in São Paulo, Andres Sanches. The representative made the statement in an interview with "Time."

"Who made the stadium and I was Lula. I guarantee it will cost more than $ 1 billion. Point. The financial part of one move. Just me, Emílio Odebrecht and Lula (President of the Board of Odebrecht)," the president said Corinthians.
The magazine asked when the story became public, who would be harmed, the agent admitted that the former president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva may make a loss.

"It will be ugly to anyone. It will be, perhaps, not immoral, but difficult for Lula. Why will say:" Gee, how does a contractor submits to do this? Why did the president ask for? ". It is the suggest that today, "added Sanchez.

The profiled by "Time", and recounts the personal and family history of Andrés shows not only how as the leader came to power in Corinthians, but also their next steps. Because, by statute, can not run for president, and before a potential rift between the groups that support it, the story says he will make a proposal to the Advisory Board: the creation of a Commission with three people, to monitor Itaquerão the works.
"I in charge, with full autonomy, another director and I enter a member of the opposition. When the stadium is ready, I put the key and say 'Is there, O'. In addition to a face of opposition, I wanted to put two journalists. But it will not work because they will say that it is the privilege of the chosen "he said, before answering why not include a public prosecutor in such a commission. "But then the guy will want more than I appear. Promotor joke, right?".

Finally, Sanchez says they wish to be remembered for his efforts in front of the Corinthians - the subject says that the President will leave a "legacy undeniable", a training center that cost $ 50 million and is the third most modern in Latin America, the third most valuable shirt advertising the world and the Brazilian club which earns more from ads.

"What a twisted face of the Corinthians managed very well. That there is this guy before Corinthians Corinthians and then this guy."

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Andres Sanchez admits Itaquerão to $ 1 billion and is expected to wear Lula
Officially, the stadium that will open the 2014 World Cup has estimated $ 780 million
October 1, 2011 | 16h 45


SAO PAULO - The president of Corinthians Andres Sanchez admitted that Itaquerão, future stadium of the club that should be ready in 2014 and will receive the opening match of the World daCopa of Brazil, will cost more than $ 1 billion. In an interview with season this weekend, he also said that the revelation of the value will cause a skirt for the ex-president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, declared supporter Alvinegro team. (Hear the audio of the interview in the magazine's website)

"Who made the stadium and I was Lula. I guarantee it will cost more than $ 1 billion. Point. The financial part of one move. Just me, Emílio Odebrecht and Lula [president of the Board of Odebrecht]," said Andres . Odebrecht is the builder responsible for constructing the stadium.

Officially, the total amount for the construction of the arena will be $ 780 million. The stadium is under construction in the neighborhood of Itaquera, east of Sao Paulo.

"It will be ugly to anyone. It will be, perhaps, not immoral, but difficult for Lula. Why will say, 'Gee, how does a contractor submits to do this? Why did the president ask for?". It is the suggest that today, "said Sanchez.
OTHER SIDE In a statement released by the Corinthians on Saturday, Sanchez denied that part of the statements published by the journal. See the statement in full:
The president Andres Sanchez is to clarify that the public did not tell the story of the Journal Times, published on Saturday, October 1, the following sentence "I guarantee it will cost $ 1 billion," about the cost of stadium construction in Itaquera .
Andres Sanchez explains that said just the opposite. The president said that despite having the first budget in over $ 1 billion, Corinthians fought to lower this value to R $ 820 million and the total project costs will not exceed this mark, as agreed between club and construction company. (With 


StadiumCost per seat (in BR. R$)Itaquerão (SP)68 000 peopleCost:R $ 890 million13,088.23Maracanã (RJ) *76 000 peopleCost:R $ 931 million12,250Source New Arena (BA)60 000 peopleCost:R $ 591 million11,834Arena da Amazonia (AM)42 000 peopleCost:R $ 499.5 million11,272.85Arena Pantanal (MT)64 000 peopleCost:R $ 463 million10,619.26Mané Garrincha (DF)50 000 peopleCost:R $ 745.3 million10,497.18Mineirão (MG) *60 000 peopleCost:R $ 665.7 million10,401.56Arena Pernambuco (PE)46 000 peopleCost:R $ 465 million10,108.69Estádio das Dunas (RN)45 000 peopleCost:$ 400 million8888.88Castellan (EC) *44,300 peopleCost:R $ 518.6 million8638.10Beira-Rio (RS) *61 000 peopleCost:R $ 290 million4754Arena da Baixada (PR) *43,600 peopleCost:R $ 190 million4523.80

* Existing stadiums are being renovated and
Sources: construction companies, clubs and state departmentsDespite being a private good, the Corinthians will not take the hand of pocket to see it completely finished. It is a part of the project will be paid with a loan from BNDES (National Economic and Social Development) of $ 400 million, with subsidized interest rates. Another bonus share will be paid with tax from the City of São Paulo, totaling R $ 420 million.The state government of Sao Paulo, in turn, will come with a stand that will cost, according to the contractor who takes care of the work, an additional $ 70 million. State officials, however, are keen to point out that these structures (20,000 grandstand seats) will be the heritage of people of Sao Paulo after the World Cup, they will be removed from the stadium for the government to use them as you wish.And the contract should be even more expensive. There are two gas pipelines that pass through Petrobras Itaquerão terrain, and state-owned company said the work to remove the equipment there will cost less than $ 30 million. It is not known, although it is possible to imagine who will pay for it.The stadium that ranks second in the list is the Maracana in Rio de Janeiro. His retirement is budgeted so far for $ 931 million. As the ultimate capacity of the square to receive the final game of the Cup will be 76 000 seats, each seat will cost R $ 12,250.00.Although it is more "high" that the seat of Itaquerão, its value can be considered well above average, since the Maracana is already up, and the works are only reform, not construction. By way of comparison, the other four stadiums that already exist and are undergoing modernization work to receive the Cup matches are further down the list of 12 arenas: the 7th is the legume (R $ 10,401.56), is the Castelão the 10th (R $ 8,638.10), the Beira-Rio (R $ 4,754) and the 11th Arena da Baixada (R $ 4,523.80) to the 12th. This means that the reform of Maracanã will be more expensive than the integrated construction of six World Cup arenas.The two stadiums that have the lowest cost per seat is the Beira-Rio, owned by Internacional in Porto Alegre (RS), and the Arena da Baixada, belonging to Atletico Paranaense. The two works are also using the least amount of public resources. The club Paraná should take a loan of $ 90 million from BNDES, and this deal is already being reviewed by the Court of the State. But the Inter-RS aims at reforming its state without a penny of public money.In other works, the surprising position of the arenas of Manaus and Cuiaba in the rankings. Capitals of states that do not have professional teams in the elite of Brazilian soccer, they will spend R $ 11,272.85 and R $ 10,619.26 per seat respectively, more than in Brasilia and Belo Horizonte, for example.The national capital and main city of Minas Gerais are among the venues that strive to receive the opening World Cup 2014. As required by Fifa, these stages must have a greater capacity than the others.


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