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domingo, 5 de fevereiro de 2012

Bird flu virus detected in Eastern Nepal

English.news.cn   2012-02-05 19:10:40
KATHMANDU, Feb. 5 (Xinhua) - Authorities on Sunday confirmed the spread of deadly H5N1 virus among sick chickens in Sunsari district in Eastern Nepal.
Samples tests by laboratory in United Kingdom (UK) of the dead chicken in Nepal indicated that H5N1 virus is present in the district.
Talking to Xinhua, Ram Krishna Khatiwoda, program co-ordinator of Directorate of Animal (DoA) Health said, "We had sent our samples to UK. The results are clear and the virus is present in the region."
Following massive deaths of chickens on the poultry farms in the region, samples were sent to laboratories in Kathmandu for the preliminary test and then sent to UK for further investigation.
The virus was also found in Ilam district, and the adjoining district of Sunsari in the eastern Nepal.
More than 2,000 chickens had died in less than a month in Sunsari.
More than 8000 chickens have died with the virus on different poultry farms of the region, and the DoA had already started slaughtering chickens to prevent further spread of the disease in the region.


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