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terça-feira, 22 de novembro de 2011

Michele Bachmann 'Late Night With Jimmy Fallon' Appearance Draws Laughs, Groans, Boos (VIDEO)

GOP presidential candidate and Minnesota Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared on NBC's "Late Night With Jimmy Fallon" Monday night to talk Thanksgiving holiday traditions and test out her comedic flair. While the audience -- and certainly Fallon -- laughed with her at times during the interview, some of her responses drew unenthusiastic responses from the crowd.

After explaining why Thanksgiving was her favorite holiday, Bachmann and Fallon played a game called "One Word," in which Bachmann was asked to spout off quick reactions to the names of some of her primary rivals and President Obama.

Romney was her first target, to which she responded, "hair." Perhaps realizing that this connection has been made countless times before, she quickly changed her answer. "Vice president," she said.

Next up, Gingrich. "Newt. Neeewwwt," Bachmann said. Cain was "nine," and for Palin she came up with "gorgeous."

"Obama," Fallon probed.

"Finished," Bachmann shot back, drawing both boos and loud cheers from the audience.

"Perry," Fallon asked.

"That's not one word, I've got to do three. Governor, Texas -- can't remember the third," Bachmann said, looking almost bemused that she had taken a shot at Perry's infamous stumble. "Have some fun!" Bachmann went on.

Finally pressed to respond to "Bachmann," the congresswoman answered "president."

While some of Bachmann's jokes may have ended up falling somewhat flat, the award for least competent performance of the night has to go to Fallon for his attempt at a Minnesota accent. He can do some great impressions, but this one might take a little work.

Below, Bachmann talks about "Turkey bingo," cranberry sauce and her other Thanksgiving traditions.


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