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quinta-feira, 6 de outubro de 2011

RIP Steve Jobs Samsung offers olive branch in tribute to Steve Jobs

Former Apple employee posts picture tribute on Facebook [U]

updated 11:45 pm EDT, Wed October 5, 2011

Shows Steve testing Photo Booth filters in 2005

[Updated: other visual tributes to Jobs as well] Mike Matas, a former user-interface designer for Apple who now runs Push Pop Press and co-founded Delicious Monster, has posted a visual tribute to Steve Jobs by way of a small photo album on Facebook. The album shows Jobs in 2005, using Photo Booth with a variety of filters applied.
At the point in his life when the picture was taken, Jobs had already won one battle with his health, and had successfully beaten an occurrence of islet cell neuroendocrine tumor, a rare form of pancreatic cancer that is treatable -- but still has a high mortality rate among survivors. Several years later, Jobs underwent a liver transplant -- a side effect of the Whipple procedure that had been used to treat his pancreatic cancer.

Photo Booth was introduced on the Mac in October of 2005, and has been a popular tool for demonstrating the iSight camera from the original add-on model to the current built-in versions. The original filters copied fun-house mirrors of old as well as a few modern artistic styles such as the "Warhol" effect seen in the photos below.

Other visual tributes to mark Jobs' passing have been posted on Apple's home page, Google, Boing-Boing -- which put up a stunning System 6-like makeover -- and the photography blog of Daily Dot editor Grant Robertson, who has compiled a collection of Steve Jobs photos and other Apple ephemera spanning the decades..

updated 12:30 am EDT, Thu October 6, 2011

Samsung steps out to give ode to Jobs

Samsung put aside differences early Thursday to offer its sympathy after the loss of Steve Jobs. The Korean firm complimented the Apple co-founder for having "introduced numerous revolutionary changes to the information technology industry." It went beyond to say that its sometimes rival had created an enduring legacy.
Jobs' "innovative spirit and remarkable accomplishments will forever be remembered by people around the world," Samsung said.

The legendary CEO was known to have seen Android makers as personal opponents but also to have extended courtesy, keeping Samsung as a supplier. He reportedly personally offered a quick exit from possible legal action last year where he could have left it to attorneys.

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