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domingo, 2 de outubro de 2011

Google Chrome Identified As Virus By Microsoft Security Essentials AV

Google Chrome users on Windows OS-based PCs who futilely attempted to launch the Web browser are now blaming Microsoft online for mistaking the software as malware.

An estimated 3,000 bewildered users of Google Chrome failed to access or even locate the Web browser on Friday, not when the Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) antivirus marked Google Chrome as a Trojan virus.
In an effort to defend itself, Microsoft posted on its official Facebook page that MSE mistakenly identified Google Chrome as a member of Zeus – a family of Trojan viruses – called PWS:Win32/Zbot.
Under these conditions, the antivirus immediately initiated the blockage and removal of Google Chrome.
Microsoft, in a quick effort to mitigate the problem, rolled out an updated virus definition signature (1.113.672.0) for MSE users.
The Google Chrome security team found the glitch on Friday and promptly started the restoration process for affected users.
Google also posted a guide with photos on how to fix the issue manually in a post on the Google Chrome Blog.
Several media outlets are reporting that Microsoft may have advertently caused it to happen in retaliation for earlier reports that Google Chrome is set to topple Microsoft Internet Explorer as the world’s largest Web browser.



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