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quinta-feira, 5 de janeiro de 2012

Google Street View strolls through some picturesque parks worldwide

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  • Nov 03, 2011 |
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Google Street View Parks

Be it a short walk or a trip to the other end of the planet, Google Street View will now come to the aid of users who are keen on toddling through the most famed parks in the world. This added feature to the global mapping service is now equipped with a breathtaking full-fledged view of some beautiful parks across the globe.

The number of parks available to Google Street View users is currently limited to seven. Some of the first to feature in this list include the High Line Park in New York City, Liberty Park in Jersey City, Kensington Gardens in London, Koganei Park in Tokyo, Knuthenborg Safari Park in Zealand, and Casa de Campo Parque in Madrid. Knowing Google’s sufficiently grand ventures, we should hopefully get to see some attractive additions soon.

These parks are not just revitalizing and striking, most of them also boast of a significant history from various perspectives. Like London’s Kensington Gardens were once privately owned by the Kensington Palace. The locals and tourists now get to see some famous statues like Peter Pan, along with the prominent Serpentine Bridge. The Koganei Park in the capital city of Japan draws not just visitors, but photographers from all over the world, especially in its cherry blossom season.

Offering a view of the busy New York City from over 30 feet, the High Line Park was originally built in the 1930s for keeping freight trains away from the everyday hustle bustle. With growing urban development, the tracks were later abandoned by the population and taken over by nature. Courtesy of efforts by Robert Hammond and Joshua David, founders of Friends of the High Line, the park now lets people see the pulsating city from calmer heights.
Users can now view all these parks in a dedicated gallery set up by the Mountain View folks, or enjoy the scenario directly on Google Maps Street View.


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