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sexta-feira, 28 de outubro de 2011

HP downgraded to ‘joke’ on Twitter

Oct 27, 2011 19:52 EDT
HP’s reversal on its plan for its PC division didn’t surprise anyone, but it did provide a lot of grist for Twitter posters.
“I official downgrade $HPQ from “sell” to “joke.” Whats is with tech cos these days being all flip flop on decisions??,” tweeted user Randy De Montalegre.
HP’s decision to keep the PC division follows a public announcement it would put the division under review– and another flip flop of sorts when it switched out CEO Leo Apotheker for former eBay CEO Meg Whitman.
Twitter poster Anindito Yoga wrote: “HP – Remember Selling the PC biz? Ummmm, We Changed Our Mind.” And Julianne Pepitone wrote: “HP was just kidding before, guys! It’s keeping its PC division.”
The backpedaling — part of  a long series over the past year — sparked many to compare the decision to a similar U-turn by its Silicon Valley neighbor Netflix, including TheDomstad JWW.  Netflix had separated its DVD rental and online streaming business into two separate businesses, provoking an investor and user backlash. The company soon backtracked on the decision.
Others used cost and stock implications of HP’s moves as an excuse to fire up Twitter.   “HP probably spent millions in consultants to figure out they should keep their PC business,” tweeted one-time HP employee Rahul Sood.  “Next time just donate the money to Autism.”
And Big Daddy Kane posted “$HPQ: We’d prefer to slowly kill shareholder value instead of rapidly doing it.”


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