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domingo, 25 de setembro de 2011

#news Iran warns locals against collaboration with BBC: minister

English.news.cn   2011-09-25 23:33:19
TEHRAN, Sept. 25 (Xinhua) -- Iran's Intelligence Minister Heydar Moslehi warned Iranians not to work with the British Broadcasting Corp. (BBC), local Mehr news agency reported Sunday.
Moslehi said those who are thinking about cooperation with the BBC should be careful not to fall into the trap of this anti- Iranian institution, according to the report.
"We are closely monitoring these connections and will appropriately deal with them in due course," he was quoted by Mehr as saying.
Last week, Iran's state-run IRINN TV reported on its website that Iran had arrested six Iranian nationals working for the BBC's Farsi-language service.
Six BBC employees, including a woman, were arrested for distributing photos, videos and information to reflect negative image of Iran, the IRINN's website said.
The report did not reveal the names of the detained people, but said that the underground members of BBC network in Iran have received tens of thousands of U.S. dollars to work for the corporation.
Iran's Intelligence Ministry confirmed last Tuesday the arrest of some of the local people working for the BBC.
On Sunday, Moslehi said that the British intelligence service, under the guise of the BBC, has started a new phase of destructive activities against Iran, so the Intelligence Ministry has stepped in to prevent people from falling into their trap, according to Mehr.
He also said that the arrest of these people was the first step, emphasizing that intelligence agents are diligently pursuing the issue.
The Intelligence Ministry has obtained important information about the people who are in connection with the BBC, he added.
Iran's Culture and Islamic Guidence Minister Seyyed Mohammad Hosseini said last Tuesday that those Iranians who work for BBC were hostile and subversives.
"I believe, if somebody cooperates with the (news) network like BBC Farsi, his work is aimed at subversive objectives and he is hostile to the Islamic Republic values," Hosseini was quoted by Mehr as saying.
An announcement by Iran's Intelligence Ministry said Tuesday that the arrested people were providing needed information for the spying and the intelligence services of the UK under the cover of cooperating with the BBC.
Through underground and illegal activities, the detained people received huge amount of money, said the announcement.
The ministry said some other suspects were being prosecuted for the same reason and in the following days more information over the issue would be released.
The BBC denied Monday that the arrested people were its employees and said that the Islamic Republic detained independent filmmakers.
The BBC Farsi-language service has said that no one works for the corporation inside Iran either formally or informally.
Iran's judiciary has already banned Iranians from working for the BBC which has no office in Iran, accusing the corporation of provoking discord and unrest in the country.


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