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quinta-feira, 9 de dezembro de 2010

#news : Operation Payback by Anonymous: Cyber War in revenge for #WikiLeaks

A group of activist hackers have begun attacking MasterCard.com, Amazon.com, PostFinace, Paypal.com and others in retaliation for cutting of the WikiLeaks organization. The targeted companies, after receiving pressure from the US government, opted to sever their relationships with WikiLeaks, preventing the organization from hosting its site, halting the flow of donations and freezing the organization's Swiss bank accounts. The group of hackers is leaderless and operates anonymously. The groups has attacked organizations in the past, notable Scientologist websites. In twitter posts and other online statements, the hackers said they agree with WikiLeaks mission of opening up governments, exposing lies and support the freedom of the press and the Internet. However, their online activism may have unintended consequences. Vague new regulations are being drafted by the Obama administration which would make it easier for the government to spy on Internet communications, including email, social media, general Web sites and mobile phones. Obama hopes to require all devices with online communications to be made with a build in ability to comply with a wiretap order.


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