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sábado, 28 de janeiro de 2012

Internet bowled over by Obama email hoax

Obama Bowl
A picture of the "Obama bowl" featuring Barack Obama's face at the end of each lane with the pins as his teeth has been revealed as a fake. Picture: FunnyObamas.com
Have you gotten an email with a photograph of bowling lanes with President Barack Obama's face at the end, where the pins are set up to look like his teeth?
It was supposedly taken at a bowling alley in Clearwater, Florida in the US and it shows the President's face at the end of each lane. The pins are right where his teeth would be.
According to the email, the bowling alley is doing record business because everyone is lining up for the chance to knock the president's teeth out.
About 200 people have called Countryside Lanes bowling alley because of the photo, inquiring from coast to coast, from California to Maine. And everyone hears the same answer: That photo is big, fat hoax.
"At first I thought it was a joke, one of my buddies prank calling me," said Joseph May from Countryside Lanes.
General manager Tina May said she had to do a bit of research to understand the question from the callers.
"I ended up going on Facebook, and lo and behold, there was a picture of Obama Bowl," she said.
Co-owner Joseph May said every caller gets the same response.
"We just tell them it's nothing serious, just some chain link email internet rumor going around," he said.
The Mays said they are are not happy to be associated with the Obama hoax.
"My personal opinion is it's a very disrespectful thing. I didn't approve of it at all and that was basically what I told people, no we don't do that and I don't know many around here who would," said Tina May.


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