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quinta-feira, 13 de outubro de 2011

Twitter for iOS adds improved sign-ups, redesigned iPad DM feature

Twitter's official iOS app has been updated with a few nice new features. First off, it now offers an "enhanced sign up experience." iOS 5's built-in Twitter integration now allows apps to query the Settings app for sign-in credentials (if they've been set up to do so). This greatly streamlines the process of using an app with Twitter features for the first time, because you don't have to manually enter your account information or password when you first launch the app. Instead, you simply tap "OK" on a modal dialog popup that asks if the app can access your Twitter accounts. Tweetbot is the first third-party app I know of that's also integrated this functionality.
Also new to this version of Twitter is a redesigned direct messaging interface on the app's iPad version. DM conversations are now threaded and organized chronologically, and overall the design aesthetic is quite reminiscent of iMessages or iChat on the Mac. The iPad has also gained the ability to show nearby tweets by tapping on a location.
Overall this is a nice update to the official app, and I definitely hope more third-party apps implement the "enhanced sign up experience" that's debuted today in both Twitter and Tweetbot.


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