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terça-feira, 11 de outubro de 2011

[IPHONE] 16Beats - Hocus Pocus App

Hocus Pocus

Play & Become a Beat-maker! Discover & Create your own remixes of Hocus Pocus. To celebrate the digital release of the discography Worldwide, we present to you a brand new app for Smartphones.
  • Know all about the current events of the band (concerts, album releases…)
  • Listen to their entire discography with new & exclusive tracks and remixes.
  • Watch their whole videography and events in real time (video clips, live concerts…)
  • Many more surprises to come and guess what?! It’s free!
16 BEATS – Only for iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4. This Beat-Making app will allow you to discover, reproduce or create your own remixes of your favorite tracks along with the voices of Alice Russell, 20syl, Oxmo Puccino, Akhenaton, Ben l’Oncle Soul… «16Beats», a personalised Mpc inspired by the cover of their last album « 16 Pièces ».
HOCUS POCUS – Hocus Pocus not only is a magic formula, it’s also a Hip Hop / Jazz / Soul band. Created in 1995, they came all the way from playing in deserted places to the biggest venues all over the world until finally be rewarded with a Gold record. Over time, many musicians joined the band surrounding 20syl, rapper and Head Beatmaker. After two successfull albums,“ 16 Pièces ” was released in 2010 by the label Motown with much anticipated guest appearances and was nominated for the second time at the French equivalent of the Grammy awards.
Developer: Cahri SARL
Size: 56.1 MB
Released: Oct 03, 2011
Web: iphone.hocuspocus.fr


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