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sexta-feira, 3 de fevereiro de 2012

Amazing Whiteboard Remakes of Famous Paintings

Office cubicles aren’t known for inspiring creativity. In fact, they have a reputation for doing just the opposite. But working in a confined space doesn’t always have to be stifling. Meet Bill Taylor, a data manager in Durham, North Carolina who recreates iconic works of art on a whiteboard in his cube. He spends only two to five minutes per day on his drawings, taking roughly six weeks to finish each piece — and then he leave it up for a day or two, photographs the finished product, wipes the board clean, and gets to work on his next masterpiece. “[T]here’s something about doing it this way that forces me to be patient, something I could always use more practice with,” Taylor told the Telegraph. Click through to see some of our favorite whiteboard paintings, and then visit Taylor’s website to peruse the entire collection.

Roy Lichtenstein, In the Car. Image credit: Bill Taylor [Spotted via Designboom]

Pablo Picasso, Guernica. Image credit: Bill Taylor

Banksy, Stop and Search. Image credit: Bill Taylor

MC Escher, Relativity. Image credit: Bill Taylor

Hokusai, The Great Wave Off Kanagawa. Image credit: Bill Taylor

Edward Hopper, Nighthawks. Image credit: Bill Taylor

Vincent Van Gogh, Starry Night

Jack Vettriano, The Singing Butler. Image credit: Bill Taylor

Claude Monet, La Promenade. Image credit: Bill Taylor

Paul Cezanne, The Cardplayers. Image credit: Bill Taylor


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