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domingo, 8 de janeiro de 2012

Umbrella Art Installations.

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 1Umbrella Art Installations (30) 2This installation is created by Ozcollective using 32 large golf umbrellas with curved handles, wood, cables and nets.

Cumulus Light Canopy:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 3
Umbrella Art Installations (30) 4
Umbrella Art Installations (30) 5Beautiful lighting concept by Steven Haulenbeek, made from simple white photographers' translucent umbrellas.

Umbrella Installation by Ingo Maurer:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 6Umbrella installation at the entrance by Ingo Maurer (design week in Milan 2007).

Bloom by S Spenser:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 7Umbrella Art Installation in Greece:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 8Umbrella Art Installation:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 9Umbrella art installation at Island Six Studios:

Umbrella Art Installations (30) 10Umbrella Art Installation in Melbourne:

"Rain" Umbrella Art Installation:

Paper Umbrellas:

Flowers adorn large paper umbrellas put from the ceiling. Part of the spring celebration in the Bellagio's conservatory.

Andy Wharhol-ish art exhibit:

Collection of umbrellas between two buildings:

Installations of umbrellas in a shopping center:

Umbrellas and Fans:

Story House Umbrella Art:

Umbrella House:

Art House at Night:

Umbrella Art:

Umbrella Art Project of Swiss Group:

A house in Zurich, the outside of which has become an art project of Swiss group.

Installation at Socrates Sculpture Park, New York:
Colorful Umbrella Landscape Art:

Photo: Wolfgang Volz ©1991 Christo


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