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terça-feira, 3 de janeiro de 2012

Download Images and Videos from Google+ [Extension]

Google+, the latest entrant to the social networking platform was a hit after Google’s previous social ventures fail to capture. If you follow lot of people on Google+, you might be seeing images and videos (YouTube) being shared on the network. Although Google+ has an user customized option to download images on the network, there is no option to batch download images and also videos. DownloadSupport for Google+ is a nice extension for Google Chrome which allows users to download images and videos right from Google+.
Download Photos
Once installed, you can see few more links added to the photos and videos. You can download the entire Picasa Album or the photos.
Features of this extension;
  • Displays a button for each post.
  • Download Youtube video
  • Download Picasa album (Picasa client software is required)
  • Download raw images
  • Download all raw images
  • Open raw images
The extension worked well when we tested on Google+.


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