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quarta-feira, 28 de dezembro de 2011

Rumor: Apple to launch completely redesigned iPhone in Fall 2012

48 minutes agoTechby Alex Maeland ⋅ 
As the dust begins to settle surrounding the unexpected loss of Steve Jobs this October, the rumor mill picks right back up where it left off, this time setting its sights on the next generation iPhone. BGR is rumoring that a close source tells them that a completely redesigned iPhone will make its debut in Fall 2012, falling in step almost a year to the date after the release of the iPhone 4S. While last season’s 4S released with only internal functionality changes, the next generation model is said to boast a completely redesigned exterior as well and will be constructed from a rubber or plastic material that will likely border the phone’s bezel along the front glass screen. Among other anticipated changes, the phone will supposedly take on an iPad-esque aesthetic with a revamped aluminum backing consistent with Apple’s recent affinity for the silver metal. Although this is just the start of what will likely become a year of rumors, controversy and discussion, below is a suggested mock-up into the upcoming iPhone.


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