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sábado, 24 de setembro de 2011

#twitter Alarm Clock App Embarrasses Snoozers

Each Time You Hit Snooze, This Japanese Alarm App Posts Embarrassing Tweets

Japanese company Eureka have developed a great free app perfect for those who like to catch a few more minutes sleep in the morning and hit the snooze button once too often. Okite, meaning “wake up” in Japanese, is an alarm clock app that links directly to your twitter account and posts embarrassing messages each time you hit snooze and don’t get up!
Once downloaded users register whether male or female and can set the alarm in the same way that the iPhone alarm is set. Once the alarm goes off in the morning and you decide you need that extra two minutes of shut eye, hitting the snooze button automatically then sends out embarrassing tweets to all your followers with the hashtag #okite. Tweets such as “dressed as a sailor now”, or “not enough talented people like me in the world” are sent out at random each time. The humour is distinctly Japanese but I certainly like the idea of deterring sleepers from missing trains in the morning through fear of embarrassment.


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