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quarta-feira, 4 de janeiro de 2012

Viral Video Appears to Show Cop Planting Drugs in Suspect’s Car

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Many of us have made the mistake of seeing a snippet of something and drawing a conclusion that we may not have come to had we seen the entire story. That situation seems to be happening in Utica, New York. Over the weekend, Utica Phoenix, a weekly local newspaper, released a one-minute and 40-second dashcam video from last year that shows police officers pulling over a vehicle for allegedly running a stop sign.
The video captures what seems to be a police officer planting drugs. One minute into the video, the officer appears to take an unidentified bag and place it in an unidentified African American man's car. The officer then takes the same bag out of the car. The video was spread in social media and sparked so much interest (64,000 views in fewer than 24 hours) that it caused the newspaper site to crash.
In response to the uproar, the Utica Police Department released the entire 30-minute dashcam video, which Police Chief Mark Williams says gives the whole story. He says the officer in question was trying to separate drugs from the defendants and only put it in his pocket because it was cold outside and he wanted to keep his hands free. Williams also says the officer can be seen pulling a similar bag from the suspect's jacket pocket. He also added that because the officer is the one who turned on the dashcam, why would he incriminate himself by planting drugs? A department spokesperson, Sgt. Steve Hauck, further stated that the officers didn't violate protocol by storing evidence in their pockets during an outdoor traffic stop in freezing cold weather. The NAACP and the FBI are investigating.
Next up, a story that makes you wonder just how closely related humans and primates really are.
We love our technology, don't we? Remember how the iPad created new ways for us to communicate and have fun? Well apparently humans are not the only ones who've taken a liking to iPad technology. The Milwaukee Zoo has been using iPads with orangutans for the past six months as part of its Apps for Apes program. The zookeepers introduced the primates to applications such as "Flick Flick Football" and "Doodle Buddy" (in which they draw with their fingers). They're also allowing the apes to watch videos. The zookeepers began noticing that the orangutans loved to watch themselves on nature shows so much that they wanted to take it a step further. So the Milwaukee Zoo is teaming up with the charity Orangutan Outreach to "enable ape-to-ape videochat via Skype and FaceTime" with apes at other zoos around the world. The idea is to bridge the gap between human and ape by showing how similar we really are. The charity hopes to make humans more sympathetic to the animals, boost donations to the organization, and initiate better treatment of the environment.


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