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domingo, 9 de outubro de 2011

Steve Jobs Funeral Held Friday, Ceremony Private: Report

Steve Jobs Funeral
10/ 7/11 04:52 PM ET   AP
SAN FRANCISCO — The Wall Street Journal is reporting that the funeral for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs is being held Friday.
The newspaper cited an unnamed person familiar with the matter. The person described the ceremony as a small private gathering. The person would not say where or when Friday the funeral is taking place.
Apple would say only that no public funeral services are planned. Apple has invited the public to send memories, thoughts and condolences to rememberingsteve(at)apple.com
Jobs died Wednesday at 56. Apple Inc. announced no cause of death, but Jobs had been diagnosed with a rare pancreatic cancer seven years ago and had a liver transplant in 2009.

Report: Steve Jobs' private funeral held Friday

Doug Gross, CNN
Chinese exchange students use candles to create a tribute to Steve Jobs at Apple's headquarters in California.
Chinese exchange students use candles to create a tribute to Steve Jobs at Apple's headquarters in California.
  • Wall Street Journal: Steve Jobs funeral being held Friday
  • Newspaper cites unnamed source, says the ceremony is private
  • Source says funeral is a small family affair
  • Apple plans "celebration" for employees, says no public memorial
(CNN) -- The funeral for Apple co-founder Steve Jobs was set to be held on Friday, the Wall Street Journal was reporting.
Quoting an unnamed source, the newspaper said the service would be a small, family affair. The location was not mentioned.
The Journal called the source "a person familiar with the matter."
Apple has said there will not be a public memorial ceremony for Jobs, who died Wednesday in California after a long battle with pancreatic cancer.
In a statement Wednesday, Jobs' family said a website would be created to allow fans to offer their online condolences and tributes.
Apple's website, along with many other tech-cenric sites, was turned into an online tribute to Jobs after news of his death broke.
In its statement announcing the CEO's death, Apple provided an email address -- rememberingsteve@apple.com -- for people wishing to "share your thoughts, memories, and condolences."
Apple has said the company does not know when, or if, there will be a public memorial.
But at Apple's headquarters, Apple stores worldwide and on the Internet, unofficial tributes had already begun by Wednesday evening.
On Apple's campus in Cupertino, California, flags were at half-staff and an impromptu memorial had cropped up by late Wednesday. Apple employees and others showed up to leave flowers, light candles and provide other tributes.
Apple retail stores everywhere became gathering places for the Apple faithful who looked at Jobs as much more than a CEO. At an Apple store in Tokyo, iPads and iPhones showing flickering images of candles had been propped beside flowers and other more traditional items.
Online, a pre-existing group of Apple fans have declared October 14, the day the iPhone 4S will be released, "Steve Jobs Day" as a tribute to his legacy.


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