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domingo, 10 de julho de 2011

Businessman denounces corruption scheme after tragedy in the mountainous region of Rio

After the scene of chaos and panic in the mountainous region of Rio de Janeiro, a research protected by the secrecy of Justice, currently still in the Federal Public Ministry, revealed that a group of civil servants and businessmen have agreed the adjustment of fees for approval of no-bid contracts, pocketing money intended mainly to help the victims of the worst natural disaster in Brazil.

On average, the percentage of the fee is 10%, however, research has indicated that the tragedy was the rate quadrupled, to 50%, reported an article published in the newspaper "O Globo".

The complaints were cleared after an entrepreneur has to MPF Teresópolis. He reports in exchange for forgiveness and judicial protection for your family, using the whistleblower awarded when there is agreement between the aid in investigations and criminal justice. He revealed, then the alleged corruption scheme that operated in the city, involving companies that were active in at least four municipalities in the mountainous region at the time of the tragedy.

Also according to reports it, there was a meeting between municipal secretaries and businessmen during the week of the floods on 12 January, which were divided in the no-bid contracts and federal resources.

The money, about $ 100 million, sent to the State of Rio by the Ministry of National Integration, by order of President Rousseff, was the main reason for the meeting of the Cabinet meeting in a city, managed by PT , administered by Lula's PT party


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